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Things I Love: Dior Addict Lipstick

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
By Glinda

As I continue the inexorable aging process, I have come to find that matte lipsticks are the enemy.  The older I get, the chalkier they look against my skin, and that is a look that does me absolutely no favors.

Enter Dior Addict.

I recently purchased this product in Diorkiss, which is billed as a “sheer dark pink.”

Why yes, yes it was.

But what I like most about this lipstick is its reflective properties.  I adore the shimmer this product imparts, and nary a fleck of sparkle anywhere.

To me, this is the major drawback with the flecked lipsticks, wherein the flecks tend to migrate after a while.  Like, to right on my chin.  I love the way they look, but not necessarily after eating a sandwich.  Maybe it’s just me?

Which brings me back to Diorkiss.  This particular lipstick shade has no flecks, the shine is all from whatever secret (and with my luck, probably toxic) material they put into it.

But I love it still.

Due to its light nature, this product can and will wear off sooner than a matte lipstick.

It’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make.


Things I Don’t Do: Scented Nail Polish

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
By Glinda

Apparently scented nail polish is becoming a “thing.”


Because unless you spend all day with your hands cradling your face, I fail to see how scented nails could impact you in any way.

And to be honest, the thought of eating and having a scent wafting in my nostrils as I’m lifting my fork to my mouth is not at all appealing.

This is definitely one trend I won’t be following.

Tuesday Beauty Poll

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
By Glinda

For 34% of you, it only takes 10-15 minutes to put your makeup on for a normal day out, and for 26%, it takes less than 10 and also less than 5. 5% take 15-20, and 3% take 30 minutes or more.  I would say it takes me somewhere around 15, and I attribute that mostly to the fact I have a toddler.

Now, the picture above of a makeup-less (or mighty close to) Heidi Klum has been making the internet rounds, and it seems the internet had quite a bit to say about it.  Let’s see where within the spectrum your opinion lies.


Things I Covet: ybf Pink Royalty Lipstick

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
By Glinda



Is it kitschy and over-the-top and completely unnecessary?

Of course! That’s why I want it!

Androgyny 80’s Style: Annie Lennox

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
By Glinda

Of course the androgynous look had been around long before this Eurythmics video came out, but seeing this video in 1983 was the first time I had ever really noticed it.

Annie Lennox is, of course, a stunning woman.

So when I saw the combination of uber-short hair, heavy makeup, and the business suit, I was in awe.

I managed to copy the short hair (although not quite as short as hers) and the heavy makeup, but never really got around to the business suit part.

Watching this video today for the first time in years, I am still struck by the uniqueness of her look.

And let’s not discuss the cows.  I have absolutely no idea about the cows.


Finally, I Found It

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
By Glinda

The perfect mascara.

For me, anyway. Mascara is just one of those things that is so individual, it is almost impossible to recommend one that is great for everybody.

May I introduce Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Lash mascara.  Finally a Make Up For Ever product that I like!  I’ve tried so many that didn’t impress that it’s nice to find something from the brand that makes me happy.

Now I don’t actually recommend this product too much for everyday wear, but as I work from home, usually I only apply mascara when I’m going somewhere special.  I like Laura Mercier for a “natural” look mascara.

There’s nothing particularly natural about Smoky Lash.  It is one of those products that totally looks like you are wearing mascara, but in a very good way.  It’s nice and thick and deeply pigmented, more so than any other mascara that I’ve tried.  It almost looks like fake eyelashes, and I’m OK with that.  But it isn’t clumpy and I’ve not had any flaking, which is sort of amazing for such an intense-looking product.

It comes in quite a few colors, including plum and blue, but I stuck with good old black.

So if you like a strong, thick-looking lash, this product is worth checking out.


Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, March 19th, 2012
By Glinda

After I mentioned the lack of plus-sized Octavia Spencer (who looked absolutely stunning) in many best-dressed Oscar polls, I asked you if you feel that society as a whole is becoming more fat-phobic.  36% of you think it definitely has, 31% don’t have any hard evidence but sure think things are getting worse, and 23% say no it has not.  I personally think that people have definitely become more judgemental about other people’s weight, and my recent large weight gain (thanks, non-functioning thyroid!) may have a part to play in that mindset.

Now today I wish to know how long it takes you to apply your makeup for a normal day out.

Flash Sites Worth a Try*

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
By Glinda

I used to be a skeptic of flash sale sites, but I became a convert when I started subscribing to one for children’s items.

Now, I think I’m in on at least seven, and I just might be addicted.  Some of them didn’t even have beauty products when I first signed up, but branched out into them eventually.

My husband is not necessarily pleased.

But seriously, a Three Custom Color eye palette specifically formulated for green eyes that retails for almost $70.00 was to be had for less than $30.00 on HauteLook.  How could I possibly resist? Er, or the retractable lip brush for a measly five bucks? Fine, and I’m not proud of the lipstick that is normally over twenty but for which I paid ten bucks.

They have all kinds of makeup and especially skin care, the expensive stuff.  It’s still expensive, just not necessarily prohibitively so.  As for makeup, I’ve seen everything from e.l.f to Stila.

Another site for makeup/skincare worth a look is My Habit, which if you have an Amazon account, you’re already hooked up.

I think the key to these sale sites is knowing exactly what you want before you go on, and promising yourself to stick to that.  So if you are the type who doesn’t mind taking a bit of a risk with your makeup, this might just be the thing for you.   Return policies are pretty generous, though.

Now, if only I could take my own advice.

*I did not use my personal “invitation code” for these links, so no, I’m not making any money off of you! 


Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, March 5th, 2012
By Glinda

Octavia Spencer was voted best-dressed at the Oscars with a fairly commanding 29%, given how wide the field was. Milla Jovovich and Jessica Chastain tied for second place with 19%.  I was looking at some other Oscar fashion polls, and was discouraged to see that Octavia wasn’t even a choice.  Girl killed it on the red carpet, and I’m sorry that some people think that a woman with curves isn’t fashion-worthy.

Which segues nicely into my next question…

Miley Cyrus at the Oscars After Party

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
By Glinda

Miley Cyrus hasn’t really been on my radar as I am not in her target age group. I try to ignore her as much as possible. However, objectively speaking, this is the best I have ever seen her look.

The look reminds me a lot of Adele’s Grammy makeup, but Miley (or Miley’s worth-every-penny makeup artist) has shaped a much stronger brow, which I think works a bit better with the heavy eyeliner and false lashes. Seriously lovely, and her eyes look stunning.  I like her hair short as well.

Yet at the same time, I want to shake her and tell her to scrape all that makeup off her face, she’s only 19!

I wonder how I will feel about my daughter and her future makeup choices. She already hovers around me when I get ready to go out, and insists that I sweep her face with my brushes (sans makeup, of course) so that she can be just like mommy.

I have a feeling that since I may be instilling a love of makeup at a very early age, I should probably just keep my trap shut.  Same thing when she dyes her hair pink.

On that same note, I’ve got a question for you

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