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Should She or Shouldn’t She: Lash Extensions

Friday, June 29th, 2012
By Glinda

Beauteous reader Klee sent in the following question:

I’ll be vacationing with the new BF and was curious about lash extensions.  Will they last 6 weeks? My lashes are naturally blond, do they dye my lashes first to match? Is it worth it? Any insight on the decision would help.

Well, I was able to do some research on lash extensions, and here are the pros and cons I came up with.



By pretty much all accounts, they look absolutely gorgeous.  Like, breathtakingly gorgeous.

Those that had lash extensions done appreciated not having to fuss with the whole mascara routine.



The application process is a long one, about two hours or so.  Many people found it difficult and somewhat claustrophobic.

It is possible to have an allergic reaction to the adhesive.

Depending on the skill of the technician, the lashes can last from two to three weeks.

Upkeep on extensions is very expensive, if you intend to keep them longer than three weeks.

You must be selective with eye makeup, and eyeliner is frowned upon.

One unanticipated side effect for some was that the extensions would actually brush against sunglasses/glasses and they found that to be an uncomfortable sensation.

Exposure to sweat and water can reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

You must be careful in choosing the type of lashes that are to be applied, it can be too much of a good thing if they are too long or too thick.


As for matching your natural lashes, I didn’t see anything that implied any dyeing beforehand.  I’m guessing that is either a separate procedure, or possibly unnecessary due to the awesomeness of the fake ones.

To me, the pros are outweighing the cons.  I could see getting them for a very special occasion such as a wedding, but unless your bank account can stand a steady draining, then I’m not sure they are worth it.  Although it might be easy for me to say that as I have fairly decent lashes.

But on the other of the hands, (as the boss would say) the results are said to be fairly stunning.

Anyone else have thoughts?  Anyone had them done?  Or know someone that has?


I’m At A Loss

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
By Glinda

Not because I don’t think this makeup artist’s work (being shown at an international trade show in LA)  isn’t stunning, it is.

But, should I know who he is?  Is he a character of some sort?  Am I just so out of the loop that I look at him and just draw a complete blank?

Or is he simply there to show how awesome she is at making makeup look like clothing?

Help me out here.

Also, I am crossing my fingers that he is indeed wearing real underpants, although it is a testament to her skills that I’m not 100% positive.


Photo Credit: Star Foreman

Beach Makeup Simplified

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
By Glinda

All around the web are cute little articles about how to wear your makeup to the beach.  Nude lips! Smudge-proof eye makeup! Waterproof mascara!

I am a native Southern Californian, and have been going to the beach year ’round my entire life.

Let me tell you a little secret to summer “beach makeup.”

Don’t wear any.


First, you are going to sweat.  It’s summer at the beach!  Unless you plan on parking yourself under your umbrella and never moving an inch the entire day, you are going to sweat, so don’t bother with foundation.  You could possibly wear a tinted sunscreen, but that is as far as you should take it.  If you go in the water, whatever you put on is toast anyway, and when you have to reapply after a couple of hours, there is no good way to do it.  A face that has a foundation/sand combo is not flattering. Just stick with sunscreen.

And mascara? Again, I don’t even bother.  Hours of being in the wind, water, and sun are going to ruin the hell out of even the best mascara.  Not to mention you are going to be wearing your sunglasses the entire time, so why bother?

As for lips, wearing any kind of lipstick is asking to look ridiculous after a while.  Wear the most moisturizing SPF lip balm with a self applicator you can find and leave it at that.

Unless you are at the beach to try and pick up some guys in less than a couple of hours, leave the makeup at home. This shouldn’t be harder than shopping for sneakers online at Def Shop.

And if you are at the beach just to pick up some guys, less is still more when it comes to the beach.   There was a time in my life when I thought it was a good idea to apply makeup when going to the beach, but I was instantly cured the second I looked at myself in the rear view mirror on the way home.

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, June 25th, 2012
By Glinda

I was very surprised, well shocked actually, to read that a full 61% of you do not use self tanner. To hear the beauty industry go on about self tanners, you would think everybody uses them. Well, what can I say, I don’t use them either. 29% carry on an illicit affair with self tanner, 6% have sworn never again, and only 2% describe your relationship with self tanner as wonderful. Wow. That says a lot about the state of self tanners, I think.

Today I want to know how you feel about the movie industry butting its head into the beauty world

OSAD: Hao Yunxiang

Friday, June 22nd, 2012
By Glinda

Oh my, excuse me whilst I go fan myself for a bit…

Things I Covet: Rita Hazan Foaming Gloss

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
By Glinda

I want this product, but only if it works.  And based on the reviews, it either works fantastically or not at all.

I have always been of the opinion that my hair has lacked in the shine department.

It is probably fine, especially as I rarely blow dry my hair and don’t really do anything to damage it.

But I’ve always turned super green with envy when I see someone’s hair that is just beautifully glossy.  I’ve never worked up the nerve to ask anyone if their hair is naturally that way or if they used a product to achieve the look.

I also know that you can get a glossing treatment at the salon, but I already spend enough money on the color and cut as it is.

I’m keen on the Foaming Gloss because you use it in the shower instead of having product in your hair all day long.

Does anyone use a particularly great treatment?  Do share…

Things I Love: OPI DS Glow

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
By Glinda

Have I mentioned before that I’m quite lazy?

I’m so lazy, I like to pick one toenail color for the entire summer and stick with just that one so that upkeep is easier.

Pathetic, I know.

This summer, I have anointed OPI’s DS Glow as the chosen color.  Or actually, my son did, as I gave him a couple of choices when I dragged him along to the beauty supply store on the way to Target.  Actually, I think he secretly likes going there because the ladies all fawn over him.

DS Glow is part of OPI’s Designer Series, and apparently it is one of the only ones that isn’t holographic.

Well, fine by me.

It’s a gold-ish/bronze-ish color that sort of, well, glows.  I guess you could call it glittery, but there are definitely no big glitter chunks. I’m much too old for big glitter chunks.  No, it is more like teensy tiny metallic flakes.  It’s a very subtle shimmer that I like very much.  So far it is wearing extremely well, and it makes me happy to look at my toes.

Thanks, son.  You’ve got excellent taste.

Now, just keep up that sense of discretion when you start dating, and all will be well.

Tuesday Beauty Poll

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
By Glinda

What can I say?  My computer hates me.

Apologies for the absence, and regular posting commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

47% of you hated Amanda Seyfried’s choice of bright orange lip color, 28% loved it, and 23% felt her lips belonged at an event called Electric Daisy Lollapalooza instead of an award show.  I was actually sort of ambivalent about them.  Her makeup was very well done, and I almost kind of liked how much her lips popped.  But, orange!

Ah well, it’s just lip color, is it not?

Summer is already here and I want to know all about your relationship with self tanners…

Tuesday Beauty Poll

Monday, June 11th, 2012
By Glinda

Bad computer! Bad, bad, computer, breaking down and not allowing mama to post!

But I’m back, and crankier than ever, thanks to four days without a computer.

54% of you think that perfume that smells like a new book is ridiculous, and 45% you think it is wonderful, which isn’t really that big of a spread.  I wouldn’t buy it, but I think it’s an interesting concept.

Today, I want to know how you feel about Amanda Seyfried’s lipstick at the Tony Awards.

Things I Covet: The Brush Guard

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
By Glinda

I like to keep my makeup brushes clean.

Because really, if I don’t, I start to break out, so I’ve got more than just germophobia going on.

And I have always been a bit squicked out because my bathroom vanity gets dusty, and as a fairly logical human being, I assume it is going on my brushes as well.  However, I don’t wash my brushes as often as I would like.  My intentions are good, but life gets in the way sometimes.

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a little product called The Brush Guard. Now supposedly they are to be used when cleaning your brushes in order for them to keep their shape, but I have visions of keeping these suckers on all the time, except when I’m actually using the brushes.

I figure I can simply get some small hair elastics or some twist ties, tie the tops of those suckers up, and I’m good to go.


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