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Beauty Icon: Grace Kelly

By Glinda

When you think of a classic American beauty, Grace Kelly is one of the first women who come to mind.  Well, my mind, anyway.  Born to a wealthy family, she began modeling, went on to acting, and finally managed to become a princess.  After scrolling through hundreds of photos of her, I am convinced that it was almost impossible for her to take anything other than a beautiful photograph.  She has no “bad” side.

Gorgeous and elegant.

Making wet hair look like a perfect accessory.

Doing pensive in a way that most of us can only dream of.


Cool and classic.

How could I not include a photo with her in the wedding dress, one of my all-time favorites?

Aging beautifully. And I want her jewelry.

Taken in 1982, and is actually one of my favorites due to the genuine smile.


4 Responses to “Beauty Icon: Grace Kelly”

  1. Little Red Says:

    Love her! I’m completely opposite of her: dark, short, a bit pudgy. So while fashion-wise, anything she does would most likely not look good on me, I still try to get the feel of her look.

  2. aurumgirl Says:

    She photographed so well, and was such a brilliant actress. I love the photo of her in her wedding gown–a timeless Dior dress, complete with the bouquet of lily of the valley (This dress is one great reason why women HATE the current hegemony of the strapless wedding gown).

  3. aurumgirl Says:

    Oops! I lied–dress not by Dior, but certainly meant to look very much like a Dior. Sorry about that!

  4. cadpig Says:

    She is pretty in the way milk is white…ordinarily so. I could flip through magazines and find 50 girls who were as pretty… easily. I actually think that Grace Kelly was highly overrated…especially as an actress. Watch dial M for murder and you’ll see a weak, cloyingly sweet girl, which is pretty much the same girl you see in any of her movies.

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