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Better Late Than Never?

By Glinda

The delightful Nomi asks:

I’m in my early 50s, and I’ve never learned to use eye makeup at all. I played with it a little in high school (never eyeliner though!), but as I got into my 20s I just didn’t have time, plus it felt yucky. Those two factors have never changed for me. Should I even bother, now?

That totally depends.

Do you feel as if using eye makeup is something you should be doing rather than want to be doing?

There will be a slight learning curve at first, but you could get a shadow trio that would make things really easy for you as far as knowing what to apply where.  You know, mid-shade on the lid, darker shade in the crease, and lightest color on the brow.  Or you could just go for a bunch of colors and experiment. They’ve even got ones that talk to you!  Time will be a factor, but like most things, the more you practice, the quicker you will get.

As for the makeup feeling yucky, I’m going to say that  the shadows that are being produced nowadays are formulated differently than the ones you used in high school.  Shadows are now pretty much whisper-light, although sensory issues differ from person to person.

That being said, have you been wistfully eyeing shadow colors and wishing you could join the party?  Or are you feeling pressure from outside sources and sort of reluctantly thinking you should add eye makeup to your repertoire?

If wearing eye makeup makes you uncomfortable, then there’s just no good reason to do it.  If you don’t have the time or more importantly, don’t want to make the time, then it’s probably not going to work if you feel resentful about frittering away with a palette when you could be doing other things.  But if you’d like to play around with some color and see how it feels, I’m all for that too. 

Do whatever makes you feel the most confident, and the most comfortable, and once you’ve made the decision, go with it and don’t second-guess yourself! 

I’m going to open this up to the peanut gallery, what say the wise ladies of the Manolosphere?

4 Responses to “Better Late Than Never?”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    Make-up is all about adornment–it’s not about “must” or “have to” or “should”, it’s all about wanting to wear something we feel makes us look better, which gives us pleasure because we feel good about ourselves. That’s the underpinning of confidence.

    So if you don’t want to wear it, don’t do it! Simple as that. If you do want to, but feel like you’re unsure, there are so many great make-up tutorials available on line for free. Find a look you like and learn how to try it out on yourself. If it makes you happy and you feel good, mission accomplished! If it just doesn’t and you don’t want to spend the time, then mission accomplished there too.

  2. Gamma Says:

    Nomi wouldn’t be asking if she wasn’t at least wondering, and there’s nothing like testing the waters. I say, pick up a neutral palette of 3+ coordinating shadows at your go-to place, and give it a five minute whirl one morning.

    As a contemporary of Nomi, and one who skips make-up quite frequently, I have my own observations:
    1. It is amazing the difference it makes even when the colors you use pretty much match your skin tone. I think it’s because the color evens out, which is a younger look, btw.
    2. Leave the blue eyeshadow to 13-year-olds and make-up artists, neither of which are functioning in the real world. If you get into it, dark plums and greens can look surprisingly neutral, but I wouldn’t start there.
    3. If your eyes are getting the tiniest bit older, as mine are, stay away from matte and super shiny textures, both of which cause wrinkles to pop. Your best bet is a subtle shimmer that diffuses light a little.

  3. Klee Says:

    Coming up fast on the big 5-0 myself, I can say where make-up was something I always played with before, I need it now. It makes me feel prettier, and look fresher.
    And it is still fun! Better late than never, give it a try Nomi, I bet you will like it.

  4. Nora Charles Says:

    I never did much with make up in my teens and 20s but since my late 30s I have been more assiduous about using it.

    I think people reach a certain age where ‘sharpening lines’ in hair, make up and dress make all the difference between looking tired and looking good for one’s age.

    For men it means shaving every day and making sure that clothes are smartly tailored, shoes are freshly shined, eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair trimmed.

    For ladies, a bit of definition around the eyes and lips pulls a whole look together. As for men, clothes that fit well and are smart make all the difference.

    Hubby and I were on a cruise over new year and one of the best looking women that night was a woman in her late 60s. Her hair was beautifully coiffed, make up just so. She wore a fitted black velvet ball gown, opera gloves and diamond jewellery – magnificent and put a lot of pretty young things to shame.

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