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Holiday Beauty Gifts- On Sale!

Monday, November 26th, 2012
By Glinda

I think we can all pretty much agree that buying someone a gift on sale simply means that we are trying to buy more for them for the money.  In that spirit, here are some nifty beauty gifts that can be bought separately and put together in a makeup bag, or maybe one nice, big gift.  Either way, it’s a gift, and if they don’t like it they can give it back.

Sephora by OPI It’s Real 18K Top Coat.  Lots of great reviews for this top coat, a lot of luxe in a little bottle!

You can never go wrong with a pretty little compact.  This one is from Tarina Tarantino.

Adorable leather ponytail wraps.

Just give up the pretense of gift-buying and get them for yourself, already.

Go ahead and take the plunge for the friend you know will love these but hasn’t yet bought for herself.

You gotta love a palette that has almost everything.  The colors look pretty compatible for many skin tones, but that is a very personal factor that must be taken into account before purchasing.  Of course.

Let’s face it, it’s an extremely low-tech Clarisonic. At least you’ll never have to buy batteries for it? But the reviews are overall pretty great.

YSL “Northern Lights” Holiday 2012 Collection

Thursday, October 4th, 2012
By Glinda

Inspired by the aurora borealis, this collection is full of color and shimmer.  I am especially liking that blue lip gloss, for some reason.  I have been dying to see what the blue/green lip glosses that are out actually look like on your lips.  Anybody?

A Valentine For Everyone!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
By Glinda

No matter what your romantic status, there’s a product for you!

Soap and Glory Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em

Carol’s Daughter Love Butter

Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette

Stila Love At First Blush Set

NARS Wicked Attraction Set

Fresh Brown Sugar Affair Set

philosophy Sweet Talk Trio

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Love Lipstick

tokidoki Adios & Ciao Ciao Rollerball Duo



Red and Gold

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
By Glinda

Even though I don’t do crackle nail polish, for some this might be just the thing for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.



Happy Holidays from Manolo Beauty

Friday, December 23rd, 2011
By Glinda

My lovelies, I wish you and yours a wonderful, peaceful, and of course beautiful holiday!

Glinda’s Great Gift-Giving Guide for the Beauty-Loving People Amongst You for $50 and Under

Monday, November 28th, 2011
By Glinda

It’s that time again! The time where I give some sage advice on things you can buy for those with an appreciation for the specialty of this blog.  And all under fifty bucks!


Beautyblender Makeup Sponge Applicator (2)

For those that prefer liquid foundation/concealer, I have heard nothing but fantabulous things about these applicators.  A bit pricey, but supposedly worth every penny.  Definitely something to give someone who probably wouldn’t spring for it themselves.

Gal Pal The Original Retro Ice Bag

Ladies such as myself will remember that this type of ice bag was pretty much the only game in town when we were kids.  And you know, I kind of miss them because they really did have a nice shape to them that made it easy just to plop it where it was needed.  Comes in lots of cute designs, too!

THE NEW BLACK ‘Graffiti – Ombré Nail Shades’ 5-Piece Set

For the more adventurous nail enthusiast, everything they will need to create the perfect ombre look.  Or not.  That’s the beauty of this gift, because the colors still rock even if they don’t use them as originally intended.

Makeup Studio Blockbuster Palette

Not sure what colors they might like? This palette is guaranteed to have at least a dozen or so, seeing as it contains a whopping 197 products.

M.A.C Iced Delights Lip Bag

Three full sized M.A.C. products for a great price. And a bag to boot!

L’Occitane Verbena Harvest Perfumed Sachet

Nice, natural sachets are hard to come by any more.  This is one of the best.  And who says you have to buy just one?  Makes a perfect hostess gift.

Fekkai Chez Moi Gift Set

I’m a big fan of pretty packaging, and the box for this collection of Fekkai hair products is touted as a collectible.  Inspired by  Aix-en-Provence, France, this is the first year of a new series of gift sets from the company that brings you nice hair.

Stila Lip Glaze Holiday Set

I’m of the opinion that you just can’t go wrong with this set.  You can quote me on that.

Me! Bath Mini Bath Ice Cream Gift Set

Get a bunch or get just one!  These bath fizzies are a fun, unique gift.

Sephora Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her

Another almost can’t-go-wrong gift.  And a teensy secret is that if the receiver doesn’t like any of the sample fragrances, they can pick out any one in the store that has the approximate value.  Or, you could do aLash Sampler, or a Sampler for Him.

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, October 31st, 2011
By Glinda

46% of you were intrigued by the idea of magnetic nail polish, but thought that sixteen bucks was a bit much to have to shell out for it.  38% flat out said no way, and only 16% wanted to go for it.  I guess I’m with the 46% in thinking that I don’t want to pay that much for something I’m not sure will work right.

However, today is Halloween!

Happy New Year

Saturday, January 1st, 2011
By Glinda

May 2011 be fantastic for all the readers of the Manolosphere!

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, December 20th, 2010
By Glinda

Last week I asked about permanent makeup procedures and if you’d be willing to spring for one. 52% said the mere thought of it gave you the willies, while 34% were paranoid about having a permanent “mistake” made upon your face. I feel both of you. 4% would do it if they could afford it, 4% would totally go for it. Only 1% of you have had a procedure done already, and Vicki was kind enough to expand on her particular experience in the comment section.

Today, I want to know about how you prefer to do your “special occasion” hair.  I’m not talking about what you would do for a wedding, but more for a really great party or very special night out, like let’s say a formal-ish New Year’s soiree.

All That Glitters

Friday, December 3rd, 2010
By Glinda

Looking to add a little sparkle to your holiday look?

MAKE UP FOR EVER Glitters Can be used pretty much anywhere, on lips, eyes, body, and hair.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Powder A little more subtle than the Glitters above, these are made out of mother-of-pearl.  Purty!  Although why they didn’t just call it Mother of Pearl Powder, I’m not sure.

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour This one is just for the eyes, but excellent.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner Again, it’s just eyeliner, but man, what an eyeliner it is.

NARS The Multiple- Orgasm  Come on, even if it wasn’t a cult favorite, I would buy it for the name alone.

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust Fairy dust in a bottle, just spray it on body or hair. No scent, no mess.  Highly recommended for a special night out.

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