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Cosmetics Cage Match: Revlon True Precision Tweezers Vs. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

Friday, November 4th, 2011
By Glinda

I am fully cognizant that tweezers aren’t really cosmetics.

But I don’t care and I’m going to do this anyway.

So, we’ve got a pair of tweezers pitted against each other that basically came about because I moved right after having a baby and lost my favorite pair of Tweezerman tweezers somehow.  In a haze of sleeplessness, I grabbed a pair of Revlon tweezers at Target, thinking to myself that tweezers were tweezers.

And the more I type the word tweezers, the more I realize what a truly ridiculous word it is.

I will be judging each set of tweezers on three set of criteria: durability, cost, and performance.


Revlon’s tweezers start out looking all nice and shiny and surgical instrument-like.  But keep them on the bathroom counter for a while and they start to quickly dull in both appearance and sharpness.  I suppose if you were the type that polished your tweezers daily this would not happen as fast, but I am not that kind of gal.

Tweezerman tweezers look rather unimposing but are surprisingly well-made and I have never observed any dullness.  Even after years of use.

Round One goes to Tweezerman, hands down.


Revlon will run you a cool twelve bucks or so, which in my opinion is awfully expensive for what you get.

Tweezerman comes in at not quite double the price, but is sooooo worth the extra money.

I’m not coming across biased or anything, am I?

Winner of Round Two is Tweezerman.  Again.


Using Revlon’s tweezers is like trying to dig out that one tiny piece of eggshell you dropped in the batter.  Difficult, frustrating, and sometimes an utter failure.  I don’t consider my eyebrows to be especially difficult to tweeze, but using the Revlon tweezers took twice as long as it normally did because  I would have to pull multiple times.  Forget about getting the really small ones just starting to grow back.  Not gonna happen until they are much longer.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of tweezers, does it not?

Tweezerman tweezers do the job and do it right.  A nice firm pull and they are out of there.  Minimum amount of pain, and minimum amount of futzing around with the smaller hairs.  I am a big fan of scientific terms such as “futzing.”   You’re in, you’re out, and you can quickly move on with your life.

Winner of Round Three is Tweezerman.  Big surprise.

The Ultimate Victory without a doubt goes to Tweezerman.  Don’t even hesitate for a second about spending the extra ten bucks or so.  Totally worth it.  I will never consider buying any other brand again.

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