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Things I Don’t Do: The Vampire Facelift

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
By Glinda

Let me get this straight.

You shell out perfectly good money for a doctor to take some blood from your arm, separate the platelets, and then inject it into your face?


I suppose the argument could be made that it is better than injecting botulism cells into your face.

I’ll leave this one to other people.

Talk to me in twenty years, though.  I might change my mind.

Pulp Magazine Gives Us Some Fall Trends

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
By Glinda

While I must say not all of these looks are exactly practical, I find myself loving the vinyl-black eyeliner from Shiseido and the Tom Ford lip gloss used as eyeshadow.  I also covet almost all of those nail polishes, even though I don’t really do nail polish.


Sarah Burton Feels My Pain

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
By Glinda

I want this to become a trend.

The same way you slap on a baseball hat when you are having a bad hair day, I want to be able to slip an exquisitely made lace sock over my face when I don’t feel like putting on makeup.

And OK, so maybe there might be some breathing issues going on, but damn would I look fabulous.

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, October 10th, 2011
By Glinda

Your views on beauty marks were pretty much an overwhelming, “meh.”  41% don’t care about them at all, and 25% said it depends on where they are located.  22% said they can add to someone’s beauty, while 8% disagreed.

Today’s poll is about a new place called Blushington that has opened up not too far from me, as described in this article.  Basically, it’s a place where you can go to get a professional makeup application without the pressure of a beauty counter.  They charge $35 per session, and have seven different options such as “sun-kissed beauty” to launch off for your personalized look.

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, September 26th, 2011
By Glinda

It was tight, but Padma Lakshmi and her tendrils won out over Heather Morris’ severe updo at the Emmys last week.  I agree with the majority.  I have never been a huge fan of hair that is tightly pulled back, I think it looks good on a very small percentage of the population.

Today’s poll is about nail art and its rising popularity.

Things I Don’t Do: Eyebrow Pencils

Friday, September 16th, 2011
By Glinda

One of the bigger trends coming out of the runways for spring is that of the strong eyebrow.  As I was putting together the Icon posts for Elizabeth Taylor and Sohpia Loren, I couldn’t help but notice and admire their wonderful dark eyebrows.  I think a strong brow brings out your eyes much more than thin ones.

Maybe I’m just blind or in denial, but I have never used an eyebrow pencil, and I like to think that I have fairly strong brows without them.

Not counting, of course, that time in the early 90’s when I almost plucked them into oblivion.  Thank you, hearty Italian hair-growing genes!

I suppose almost anyone could use an eyebrow pencil to further shape and define their brows, but for the most part, I’m pretty happy with just tweezing mine and letting them be in their au naturel state.

Now that I’m writing about it, though, I almost feel like going to Target and getting a cheapie one just to see what I would look like.

Hmmm, you may be hearing from me soon about that.

And if you are a big fan of eyebrows, then don’t go here!  Some of those pics are just downright freaky.

Have a great weekend!

Big Hair, Is it Back?

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
By Glinda

That is the question on the Telegraph’s mind, after seeing not only Elle Mcpherson with huge curls:

But also SJP doing some sort of crazy bouffant:

Now, both of these looks are extremely high maintenance and to me, ill-timed.

Where I live, it is going to start getting hot within the next month or so, and who the heck can wear their hair down in voluminous curls when the thermometer tops out at ninety or above?

Although both of these women could easily afford to hire someone to walk around with them, blowing a portable fan in their direction at all times.

The rest of us, not so much.

I think I would melt if I walked around in the summer heat with my hair down, not to mention the fact that there is NO WAY the hairspray would last longer than an hour.

My summer hairstyle is up in a ponytail, and I dress it up if needed by wearing it with something fancier than a plain Goody elastic. If I’m feeling a little carefree, I’ll do a lopsided bun.

I must also add that Elle is wearing high-waisted jeans with two very large pockets with buttons on the front, a look in which only .01% of the population could pull off.

The Newest Makeup Trend: Not Wearing Any

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
By Glinda

At least, according to this article from The Telegraph.

I sort of get it, I really do.

It seems that many of the women featured in the article are almost afraid that wearing makeup will make people take them less seriously.  As if applying makeup will make them appear clownish and inauthentic. And there’s the rub.  Does wearing makeup automatically mean you are trying to hide something?  That you are uncomfortable in your skin and feel the need to present yourself differently to the world?

Maybe yes, and maybe no.

No doubt for many women, wearing makeup makes them feel more confident about themselves.  When you ask about the “fake” or “inauthentic” aspect of makeup, that’s when you get into some dicey territory.  Is wanting to cover up imperfections a sign of low self-esteem?

Let me ask myself.

Do I feel better after applying makeup? Yes.

Do I ever walk out of the house without it?  Very often, today in fact.

I don’t think wearing makeup is a problem unless you are using it as some sort of crutch, or if you don’t want anyone to see you without it. 

I have no issue with people who don’t want to wear makeup, I’m all about whatever makes that person comfortable.

But upon looking at the pictures of the women featured without makeup, I noticed that these women had fantastic skin. I looked high and low for discolorations, blemishes, or any other type of skin problems, and I had a hard time finding any.  Perhaps it was just some really good lighting, or excellent genetics, or a combination of both.

Part of me, though, wonders if they aren’t spending tons of money on services like masques and peels and goodness knows what else in lieu of makeup. 

It is definitely more expensive to visit a salon regularly to keep your skin looking fabulous without the “help” of makeup, and I can’t help but think that women on a lower socioeconomic rung don’t have that option, but can usually buy some foundation and concealer that will last them a few months.

If wearing no makeup becomes completely trendy, I have the feeling that only a few will be able to afford it.

Things I Don’t Do: A Middle Part

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
By Glinda

A while ago, I pointed out that it seemed middle parts were making a comeback as seen on the runways at New York Fashion Week.  And indeed, along with the resurgence in 70’s influenced style, the middle part has found its way back onto the heads of women everywhere.

Well, not everywhere.

Because if there is one certainty I have in life, it is that I look horrific with a middle part.

Kudos to you blessed ones that can make it work, but I find that it is so severe looking that it usually makes the wearer look older.   Not having bangs in the first place can be a somewhat severe look as it is, and when you add a middle part, it can be a one way ticket to aged flower child if you aren’t careful.  I’m not saying it can’t look good, I’m just saying it is harder to pull off, especially if your hair is straight, long and one length.

I did sport a middle part back in the day, but that was in the actual 1970’s, and I was probably about eight and had little say about my hair at that time.  Thanks Mom, for the ugly memories! Yes, now I have Brooklyn Decker’s haircut, but one basic difference is that I part mine on the side.  Pssst, Brooklyn, it looks much better that way!

I know the middle part is supposed to go hand in hand with the latest bohemian-inspired looks, but the last time I looked even vaguely bohemian was when I dressed as a gypsy for Halloween in fifth grade.  Bohemian and Glinda don’t go together.  At all. 

Are you for or against middle parts?

P.S. Is it just me or does Fergie actually have some orange in her eyebrows up there?  Please tell me I’m imagining it.  Either way, girlfriend needs to use some different eyebrow powder, methinks.  Unless she is really digging the orange trend and then, uh, good for her?

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, April 11th, 2011
By Glinda

Poor Wynonna Judd.  A full 74% of you put the ix-nay on her orange and red hair.  At least, I’m assuming that’s what people were reacting to, not necessarily the makeup.  Although that was no great shakes, either.  I’ve never followed the country music scene, and so have no idea of what trials and tribulations may have led to her hair color choice, but I actually kind of liked it, in a very noncommittal type of way. 

I’ve been trying to ignore the trend I’m going to ask you about this week, but it just doesn’t seem to want to go away.  Which probably makes me a horrible beauty blogger. So if a lot of you respond positively, I just might have to dig up some good examples on how to carry it off.  Although there are definitely some skin tones that have a big advantage with this color.

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