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Celebrity Beauty- Anne Hathaway

By Glinda

Girlfriend looks fabulous, does she not?

I would never have thought that someone as fair-skinned as she is could get away with wearing white and not look washed out, but she doesn’t look that way in the least.

She’s got a bit of eyeliner going on the top and bottom, but other than that, she’s really natural looking.┬á I think I might hate her.

And I don’t know who is doing her hair, but she must never, never let them go.

Compare this to what she looked like a week or so ago:

She’s got a bit of a stronger lip, although that isn’t saying a whole lot. Her hair is still flat-out gorgeous. The biggest difference is her eyeliner, which on the bottom is applied to the inner lining. This use of eyeliner has always squicked me out, I’ve never done it and I am of the camp that thinks it closes in the eye rather than enlarging it. Thoughts?

Mmmm, yeah. I definitely hate her.

7 Responses to “Celebrity Beauty- Anne Hathaway”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    Oh someone like Sarah Jessica Parker, the inner and outer eyeliner look really makes her eyes look hard and small, and I think it definitely adds age. But Anne Hathaway’s eyes are huge and it does make a stark contrast between her very dark pupils and the whites of her eyes. It works to bring them out and enhance them–and the false eyelashes seem to be used to create the same contrast effect. But I think if she’s still doing this in twenty years, she’ll look like SJP does, too.

    It’s nice to see beautiful hair that’s shiny and neat! The red carpet has been full of sloppy bedhead/hairclip/scrunchy hair for too long.

  2. Gamma Says:

    Princess Diana used to use an ice blue eyeliner (so it was said) on her inner eyelid, which was supposed to make her eyes look bigger. I have been tempted to try it from time to time, but I’m pretty sure my ophthalmologist would not approve.

  3. Miss B Says:

    I confess to being an inner lining eyeliner. I have larger eyes and I find that the definition I get with doing that really pops my eye color.

    I am in complete agreement that she should NEVER lose whomever is doing her hair. Soooo shiiiiiiiiny!!!

  4. Whitney Says:

    Going completely without eyeliner makes me look sleepy, but if I completely surround my eyes it makes me look like SJP – squinty. I compromise by wearing the liner on my upper lid only as far as the inner edge of my iris and on my OUTER lower lid only as far as the outer edge of my iris. Combines with lots of mascara and a little blended white eyeliner at the inner corner and POP!

  5. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Sigh…I used to have hair like that, before I made the oft-made mistake of the post-partum haircut. I agree with aurumgirl — it’s lovely to see a young actress who remembers what a hairbrush is.

    As far as the eyeliner goes, I think she can carry it off, where she has big eyes, and younger softer features. I love it when brown-eyed girls wear black eyeliner. Rachel Bilson does this to great effect, I find.

    Is Jake Gylenhaal looking rather orange? Or is my monitor just in need of adjusting?

  6. Chicklet Says:

    I also appreciate that she is not wearing a super-bright lipstick, thus avoiding the look of those robotic Robert Palmer Video Girls.

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    […] Manolo for the Beauty I would never have thought that someone as fair-skinned as she is could get away with wearing white […]

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