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Cosmetics Cage Match: DDF Glycolic Face Wash VS. Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Cleanser

By Glinda

I’d been using Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Cleanser for at least five years. Maybe even more.  Then the store I bought it from stopped stocking it, and fickle consumer that I am, I decided it was a sign from the Big Guy that I look for something new.  That’s when I bought the DDF Glycolic Face Wash, and was happy with the results.

But, in a mano y mano beauty match, who will win?

I’m going to base my reviews on the following criteria: Anti-aging properties, effectiveness at cleansing (i.e. dirt and makeup), breakout prevention, and finally, price.

Anti-aging properties

DDF: Very good at overall decrease in fine lines.  Very good at making skin look smoother and more refined.

Alpha Hydrox: Also very good at overall decrease in fine lines and smoothing out skin.  Perhaps maybe a tad bit better than the DDF, but just a skosh.

Cleansing Effectiveness:

DDF: Very, very good.  Had a problem only one time getting some waterproof mascara off, but it was probably my fault somehow. 

Alpha Hydrox: Gets anything and everything, no problem.

Breakout Prevention:

DDF: For me, this product was very good, but I still have occasional issues.  Mostly hormonally related though, so it may not be fair to blame it on the wash.

Alpha Hydrox: Excellent at preventing breakouts on me. 


DDF: Mmm, yeah.  Pricey at about $35 a bottle.  But one bottle lasted about eight months.

Alpha Hydrox: Try about seven bucks a bottle.  One bottle will usually last about six months.


You knew it was going to be the Alpha Hydrox, didn’t you?

There is no way I could recommend paying so much more for a product that does not outperform the inexpensive one by leaps and bounds.

My only caveat being that as with any cleanser containing an amino acid, it can be a bit harsh for sensitive-skin types.

But for all others, go out and get the Alpha Hydrox.  Now!

2 Responses to “Cosmetics Cage Match: DDF Glycolic Face Wash VS. Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Cleanser”

  1. Klee Says:

    Do you use the bare minerals skin rever upper after this or is it too much?

  2. Glinda Says:

    Yes, I use the rever upper after and for me, they work very well together. My skin doesn’t have any issues with the acids, though. I know that my sister wouldn’t be able to handle these together.

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