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By Glinda

As I was getting ready to go out with a friend yesterday, I noticed that even though I am lucky enough to have a big bathroom counter that can hold all of my stuff, it isn’t very organized.

I have made a semi-attempt at organization with a clear lucite all-purpose storage thingy that is good for holding my brushes and eyeliner/lipliner pencils, but not too much else.

My powder foundation, palettes, mascara, blushes, and all other and sundry items are just jumbled around.

I can’t put them in my drawers because my daughter can get to them easily, and I do NOT want to know what Bare Escentuals would do to my carpet.

I’ve been looking at train cases, but it seems like they would get kind of icky inside after a while?

A bigger all-purpose holder?

Or just bide my time and wait until my toddler is old enough to actually try to use the makeup instead of dumping it on the floor.

What do you keep your stuff in?

6 Responses to “Disorganized”

  1. Carol Says:

    My stuff is in a 4ix12i tray which has dividers. I think I got it at KMart or maybe World Market. It fits the following: two moisturizers, deodorant, tube of hair gel, perfume spray, four round eyeshadow duos from e.l.f., one eyeshadow quad from e.l.f., one eyeshadow 6 pack from MaryKay, mattifying powder from e.l.f., blush, small glass holding brushes and eyeliners, kabuki brush and mineral powder, three mascaras and my e.l.f. daily brush cleaner. Fits nicely under the sink and is easy to pull out in the morning. I can see everything I have and need. That’s part of the reason I can be ready to go in under 20 minutes.

  2. gamma Says:

    My every-day makeup is stashed in a soft-sided zipper bag that opens flat so I can see everything, and zips shut for travel and concealment from toddlers; I have been known to secrete it in upper closet shelves.

    My less-frequently-used makeup is stored in a Caboodle®, which is not unlike a smallish tackle box, only pastel. This, securely latched, can also be stowed on an upper shelf.

    Good luck hiding your goodies from your toddler. Mine developed a taste for pouring Clinique down the drain.

  3. Belle Says:

    I keep mine in an open, 8′ x 3′ white container that fits on the shelving unit above the commode. It keeps everything higher than the level that a toddler could reach it, although I don’t have kids or pets so that’s not a concern, but easy to access in the morning. It holds my BareEssentuals powder foundation and brushes, three lip stains, three mascaras, one eye shadow trio from Joe (side note – best $3 eye shadow I ever purchased!) and about six lip balms. I don’t have too much makeup so it works well.

  4. Aurumgirl Says:

    Oh, you don’t want to know. But I’ll tell you anyway: I have a table where I keep my perfumes, and beside that are boxes with lids which hold makeup. Foundation and eye makeup/powders for the face in one; lipsticks in the other, with brushes for everything. They’re actually easy to get to and select from.

  5. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I divide my makeup into two categories: only the exact items I use everyday for work, and the other stuff for weekends and occasions.

    The everyday stuff (foundation, illuminating lotion, blush, taupe eyeshadow, brow gel, eyelash curler, mascara, tinted lip balm) goes in a tiny wicker basket on my countertop so that I can see everything and access it easily.

    The rest goes in a big zippered makeup bag and tucked up on a shelf.

  6. Margo Says:

    I keep mine in a Sterilite 3-drawer unit that’s about 12x12x9. It sits on the bathroom counter. Inside the drawers are dividers. One drawer has foundation, blush, and concealers, one is eye stuff, and one is miscellaneous things like sponges and false eyelashes. My brushes are in glass jars that sit on top of it, as do some taller containers like moisturizer and such.

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