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Flash Sites Worth a Try*

By Glinda

I used to be a skeptic of flash sale sites, but I became a convert when I started subscribing to one for children’s items.

Now, I think I’m in on at least seven, and I just might be addicted.  Some of them didn’t even have beauty products when I first signed up, but branched out into them eventually.

My husband is not necessarily pleased.

But seriously, a Three Custom Color eye palette specifically formulated for green eyes that retails for almost $70.00 was to be had for less than $30.00 on HauteLook.  How could I possibly resist? Er, or the retractable lip brush for a measly five bucks? Fine, and I’m not proud of the lipstick that is normally over twenty but for which I paid ten bucks.

They have all kinds of makeup and especially skin care, the expensive stuff.  It’s still expensive, just not necessarily prohibitively so.  As for makeup, I’ve seen everything from e.l.f to Stila.

Another site for makeup/skincare worth a look is My Habit, which if you have an Amazon account, you’re already hooked up.

I think the key to these sale sites is knowing exactly what you want before you go on, and promising yourself to stick to that.  So if you are the type who doesn’t mind taking a bit of a risk with your makeup, this might just be the thing for you.   Return policies are pretty generous, though.

Now, if only I could take my own advice.

*I did not use my personal “invitation code” for these links, so no, I’m not making any money off of you! 


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