Manolo for the Beauty » Golden Globes Red Carpet: Standing Ovations and Courtesy Claps

Golden Globes Red Carpet: Standing Ovations and Courtesy Claps

By Glinda

First of all, let me state that I am not judging clothes or any accessories other than those worn in the hair.  I only take clothes into account when determining if there is a makeup color match made in heaven, or if the makeup artist was obviously in a drunken stupor.

And let me also say that it was very difficult to find any photos that focused on the upper portion of the actors in question.  Mostly the photos are all about the dresses, and hair and makeup a distant second.

So, on to the standing ovations!

Seriously perfect. Although we will not speak of the boob-smashing.

I love her hair, and her makeup is youthful without being overdone.

Many of the young un’s would do well to look closely at how Helen Mirren does it.

I am coveting that hairstyle (and the hair jewels!)

Somehow, some way, she makes that nude lip work wonderfully with the dress without looking washed out.  I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but there it is.

Wearing Pantone’s Color of 2011 “Honeysuckle” on her body AND lips.  Well done.

You are asking yourself, “WTF, Glinda?” Tilda has no discernible makeup on, and yet anyone badass enough to do that on a red carpet wins in my book. She almost lost me at the hair, but this is SWINTON, people.

And now, click through to the courtesy claps. You know, the ones where you clap just to be polite, but you really don’t want to. Unfortunately, there are more of these than standing o’s.

Oh Sandy.  I am hating your Bangs of Depression.

Pouf, there it is.  This is supposed to be sleek, but instead her head looks distorted. Marilyn does not approve.

It truly pains me to put Helena on here as I think she is all kinds of awesome, but the hair is about six inches too high.  And I’m trying to ignore what look like bad extensions.

Bride of Frankenstein called.  She wants her hair back.

She’s cute and all, but the hair is SO not working.  Helmet head and red carpets do not go together.

Sarah? Are you there somewhere underneath those bangs? Why do your bangs look bigger than your whole body?

Jayma has very delicate features that are overwhelmed here.  Raccoon eyes and fire lips are not a good look for her.

Annette, Annette.  You are beautiful, why would you do that to your hair? Although some would argue that anyone who caught Warren Beatty can do whatever the hell she wants.





3 Responses to “Golden Globes Red Carpet: Standing Ovations and Courtesy Claps”

  1. Klee Says:

    Jayma Mays’ stylist should be flogged. She looked awful. Rest of the glee-ers were adorbs, though

  2. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    That was Jayma Mays? Cripes, I didn’t even recognize her! Definite stylist fail!

    I also wish that Annette had put on a bit of lipstick. And Sandra Bullock just looked so droopy. Droopy hair, droopy dress, heavy eyes…it was frigging depressing.

    I also agree heartily with your standing ovations, especially the one for SWINTON (nice to meet a fellow GFY fan!) for continuing to be her awesomely original self.

  3. Glinda Says:

    @LPA- Oh yes, I’ve been reading GFY for years! Love them.

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