Manolo for the Beauty » Holiday Drinking= Stay Puft Marshmallow Face?

Holiday Drinking= Stay Puft Marshmallow Face?

By Glinda

In this rather depressing article in the LA Times, much advice is given on what holiday drinks to avoid.  According to the experts quoted in the article, if you drink too much you will frighten small dogs and children the next mornng upon awakening, and also will do things like raise your insulin levels and commit murder on some of your collagen. Oh, and heaven forbid, they will expand your waistline.

Articles like this really piss me off.

Somehow they managed to suck every ounce of fun out of the holidays, besides pushing almost every hot-button issue a woman has about her looks.  You’ll have bloodshot eyes!  Your face and body will be puffy! You might turn beet red and have to slink out of the room in shame! And you’ll get fat, too!

Articles like this make me want to go and have many, many drinks just to horrify people like Patricia Wexler and Paula Lambert.

Then I will visit them the next morning and taunt them with my expanded waistline and doughy, collagen-less  face! 

Suffice it to say, I’m guessing good old Patricia and Paula aren’t invited to many holiday parties this year.

3 Responses to “Holiday Drinking= Stay Puft Marshmallow Face?”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    We are never without some kind of Puritan corrective here in North America.

    Me, I just feel sorry for people who just don’t know about things. Like the fact that it’s not supposed to be a season of abstinence from all pleasure. Or that Nux Vomica 30c does away with a hangover in seconds. Or with any “damage” you get from too much food, booze, and general merriment.

    If people will be shamed into teetotaling and judgment when we celebrate the Light making its comeback to the world (whatever you want to name the day, that’s what all this X-mas stuff is), then there will be More For Me! And that is reason enough for me to celebrate.

  2. Emily Says:

    Amen, Glinda. These are the same people who tell us not to smile too much because it’ll give us wrinkles.

    And don’t even get me started on holiday articles judging the caloric content of various cocktails. Like I’m gonna go to all these fabulous, generous parties and pass up the mulled wine, hot buttered rum, spiced cider, eggnog, and champagne to drink white wine spritzers and nibble at crudite. Sigh.

  3. theDiva Says:

    Geez, what killjoys.

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