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Hot Right Now AND a HowTo: The Bold, Matte Red Lip

By Glinda

Many women I know would rather eat this than go out wearing red, red lipstick.

I wonder why that is?  It is, after all, just lipstick.  It’s not a political statement, it’s technically something that is going to wear off in a few hours. 

Perhaps they are afraid of the dreaded Ronald McDonald mouth.  I swear, Ronald has just ruined the  lipstick thing for way too many women.  Curse you, Ronald! I always liked Hamburglar better anyway!


I just want you to know that you CAN INDEED wear a bold red lip WITHOUT people thinking you will shortly begin a juggling/walking on stilts routine.

According to NARS makeup artist Uzo, this is the best way to wear a matte red lip.  Here’s a synopsis:

1) Apply bronzer to cheeks, then foundation over that to even out skin tone.  Concealer as needed. A satin finish to skin is the desired look.

2) Apply lip color in the center of lips, moving outward toward the corners.  This avoids the color getting cakey in the corners of the mouth.  Haven’t we all at one point seen our mouths in the mirror and been horrified at the caking?  Or, maybe that’s just me.

3) Choose a lip liner that is the same color as the lip color.  Smile and then line the lips to avoid feathering.

4) If you like, apply a gloss several shades deeper than the lip color to create dimension.

5) And you’re pretty much done!

The current way to wear matte red lips is with little to no other makeup so that the emphasis is pretty much solely on the lips.  Sounds easy to me!

Go on, wear red lips to pick up your dry cleaning, or on a trip to the grocery store.  Live dangerously, my friends!

6 Responses to “Hot Right Now AND a HowTo: The Bold, Matte Red Lip”

  1. Lisa in Berlin Says:

    Wow, that how-to reversed the order from what I thought I knew two times (bronzer before foundation and liner after lipstick) …interesting! I’ll give it a try.

  2. Glinda Says:

    @Lisa- I reacted in exactly the same way! But I can see putting the bronzer on first in order to keep it more diffuse-looking. Then it sorta made sense about the liner, too.

  3. aurumgirl Says:

    Oh now, let’s be real: everyone would rather eat a stoner burger. I wear red lipstick all the time cause it really is the best colour for me, so the choice is extra easy for me. One big thing with red lipstick, though: it has to be precise, especially if it’s a matte red. One wrong move and it stains. Yes, start from the middle out and apply liner afterwards, but always use a lipstick brush.

  4. Klee Says:

    Great information. Would you consider doing a how-to for false eyelashes? I’d love to try to up the drama for the holidays

  5. Glinda Says:

    @aurumgirl- lol, yes, the stoner burger is rather tempting, isn’t it? Agreed on the use of a lipstick brush, especially for red.

    @Klee- Why yes I would!

  6. Miriam Says:

    I would love to wear more lipstick, but for some reason it always ends up on my teeth. Must be the way my mouth is shaped. I’ve tried the sucking on my finger trick, the putting it on 30 minutes before I leave, but alas, I always end up looking like a 13 year old experimenting with her mother’s make-up. Any suggestions?

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