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How I Turned to the Dark Side, and Loved It

By Glinda

When I first found out I was going to have a biopsy that came with major surgery, I was bummed.

I suddenly felt the need for change.

So where did I go?

Well, I still need to go to Sephora, but I went right to my hair salon.

I’d been falling into the trap of using a lighter dye on my hair in order to camouflage the gray.  The more gray that would come in, the lighter we would go.

It looked OK, but I was starting to get major zebra stripe once my hair started growing out, and I choose color weaving specifically to avoid that type of thing.

I looked at that dark band and bam! It hit me that instead of trying to play the blonde-ing game and winding up looking like an OC Housewife, perhaps it was time to return to my roots.  Literally.

We took my color much darker, and she did a very fine weave, as opposed to a chunkier one so that I would get the maximum amount of dark color.

If I do say so myself, it looks rather fabulous.

It brings out my skin tone more, my green eyes pop, and now I can venture toward darker eye and lip makeup without feeling like a painted trollop.

And can you see my grays?  Well yes, but they actually look kind of good and help to give my hair a nice dimension.

My young padawans, do not be afraid of the dark side!

3 Responses to “How I Turned to the Dark Side, and Loved It”

  1. telophase Says:

    For some reason, stylists never believe me when I tell them I, with pale skin and green eyes, can carry off black hair and strong makeup, until they see it on me. One of the reasons I love my current stylist is that when I told him I’d worn a black wig to an anime convention and had people chase me down the hall to tell me how good it looked, he threw his hands up and declared “BLACK IT IS!”

    That being said, we’re going with brilliant red for my upcoming wedding, because that looks stunning, too.

  2. Cat Says:

    Dark hair, green eyes, and pale skin is my natural coloring, as well. Once I started going noticeably gray, I started coloring my hair but keeping it as close to my natural (pre-gray) color as possible. Lighter hair just would not look right on me at all.

    Glinda, best wishes to you for your upcoming surgery. I hope it goes smoothly, that your recovery is quick and relatively painless, and that the biopsy brings good news.

  3. Glinda Says:

    I don’t have pale skin (it’s more of a medium olive) and I was blonde all throughout childhood, so I leaned that way when coloring my hair. However, as I got older, my hair got darker and darker. I guess I should have listened to Mother Nature.

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