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How to Wear Lipstick

By Glinda

All right, I’ve got some issues with this guide.

I’m not sure I agree with the “sheer serious wine shades” for an important meeting.  What if your important meeting is in the middle of August?  And sometimes wine shades can come off as dark and almost too serious.   Like, “Look at me in my dark lipstick, I am a very intense person!” instead of one that flatters and you feel comfortable in.  Or maybe I’m just projecting because I personally wouldn’t wear a wine shade for a meeting of any kind.

Well I take that back, I might wear a sheer flippant wine shade.

I also take issue with the nude pink shades for the grocery store.  Why, because I’m not supposed to look like I’m wearing makeup to the grocery store?  A red color will clash with the produce department?

I guess, though, it is a good basic primer for those who are uncomfortable/new with lip color.

5 Responses to “How to Wear Lipstick”

  1. KESW Says:

    I would like a guide on how to wear lipstick on prominent lips without looking like you escaped clown college. THEN I will worry about how many serious thoughts my wine-colored lipstick is having.

  2. Christy Says:

    I’ve got to say, I never really worry about what I’m going to do after I put on my lipstick. All I worry about is whether it’ll look OK with the outfit I chose and whether it makes my lips look like they’re taking up half my face or not.

  3. RB Says:

    I’m seconding KESW’s request. I have full lips, but a very narrow mouth. I never used to have a problem with bright lipstick, but I’m bigger now, and when i wear a bold lip I feel like there’s a tiny bright blotch on my big round pale face. It looks off to my eye.

  4. Ellen W. Says:

    Well it sure doesn’t help that the “serious wine shade” example is more “rusty brown” than “Chianti.”

    I thought “pink nude shades” was code for “slap on wet’n’wild lip gloss.”

  5. Alix D Says:

    See, I look at this and think ‘you know, I could get away with only three – red for date and dancing, wine for interviews and meetings (and really, what is an interview but a really important meeting,) and nudie-pink for everything else.’

    Also, how recent is this chart? She’s not in business under her own name anymore, so I was just curious.

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