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HowTo: Apply False Eyelashes

By Glinda

Lovely commenter klee requested a HowTo for false eyelashes, and her wish is my command!  Don’t you wish everything in life came this easily?

All right, so you want to do false eyelashes, eh?  It’s much easier than you would think, just don’t try it for the first time anywhere other than the comfort of home.  It probably will take a few tries, but soon you’ll be putting them on like a pro.

However, there are a few things to do before you actually begin putting on the lashes:

Buy some good false eyelashes. Illamasqua has some excellent ones.  You can buy full sets, or smaller clusters with only a few lashes per strip.  The full sets are easier to apply, though.

Get some good adhesive.  Duo is generally acknowledged to be the best.  Eyelash adhesive comes in either clear or black, and it’s basically a personal choice.  Generally if you’re a newbie, clear is probably your best bet.  However, black has some advantages, one being that you probably won’t need to use eyeliner to conceal the point of adhesion. Black adhesive is also stickier, which will work better if you plan on wearing your eyelashes for more than one day.

Look to see if you need to trim the lashes first, you’ll need a small sharp pair of scissors.  There are all sorts of different kinds with different effects, so hold them up to your natural lashes, and decide if trimming them would help them to look the way you want them to.  Straight out of the box may be too dramatic, or too long for your eye shape.  Be sure to mimic the arc of your natural lashes, with the longest on the outer edge, and trimming them to slightly different lengths will acheive a more natural look.  Start the trimming from the outer edge first.

Next, get your supplies together.  Some things you might need are toothpicks and Q-tips, while you will definitely need a clean, hard surface or some paper, and some tweezers.  Now we’re ready!

  • Be sure that you clean your eyelids thoroughly! Oil, makeup, and whatever other residue is on there will cause the glue to not stay as well. 


  • If you are applying individual clusters, squeeze some glue onto that clean, hard surface or paper and allow it to sit for a little bit.  It needs to become tacky. Use your tweezers to dip the lashes in the glue, or apply the glue with a toothpick.


  • If you’ve got a full set going, apply a thin strip of adhesive along the base.  You might want to apply a little extra on the outer corners. Allow it to dry a bit to become tacky.


  • Remember that you never want the adhesive to go directly onto your eyelid, it should always be put on the false eyelashes first.


  • For the individual clusters, use the tweezers to apply them as close as possible to the root of your lashes.  Start at the outer corner and work your way in, leaving spaces in between.  Try to avoid applying any to the inner part of your eyelid.  Keep the clusters to five lashes or smaller, and you should only use a few.


  • If you’ve got a full set, you can either use tweezers or your fingers to apply them as closely to the base of your lashes as you can, starting at the inside corner.  It’s up to you how comfortable you are with tweezers, or if you think your hands are small enough to really get in there and close to the base.


  • Use a Q-tip or your fingers to press the lashes into your eyelid. Hold and let the glue dry.


  • An eyelash curler is optional, some use it before the application on their natural lashes and others use it after the false eyelashes have been applied.  In my opinion, it’s a personal preference.


  • If you’ve used a clear adhesive, now is the time to apply liquid eyeliner along the base of your eyelashes to unify the lashes. You can also do a line of dark eyeshadow instead.


  • Mascara is also optional, for some the extra lashes are all that is needed, while others prefer more drama.  It’s all about the look you are going for.


And that’s it!  Not too hard, and false eyelashes are a fantastic way to amp up your look.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also let you know that you should never just try and rip the eyelashes off to remove them, you should always use some makeup remover.  Dab a cotton ball full of remover on your lash line, beginning at the outer corner and allow it to soak in for a bit.  This should loosen the adhesive enough so that you can gently pull them off.

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