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HowTo: Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

By Glinda

The lovely and beautiful Miriam writes:

I would love to wear more lipstick, but for some reason it always ends up on my teeth. Must be the way my mouth is shaped. I’ve tried the sucking on my finger trick, the putting it on 30 minutes before I leave, but alas, I always end up looking like a 13 year old experimenting with her mother’s make-up. Any suggestions?

Ack!  The dreaded lipstick-to-teeth migration!  I think at one point or another, Miriam, we have all had this happen to us.

Here are some tips that will hopefully help.  Use one, or use them all!  Whatever gets you back in lipstick, my friend!

-Make sure your lips are well-hydrated.  It might be worth it to lightly exfoliate them a bit, as well.

– Line lip with lip pencil before applying lip color.

-Apply color with a lip brush instead of directly from the tube.

-Blot your lipcolor with a some blotting paper or tissue.

-Models and beauty pageant contestants apply Vaseline to their teeth to keep the color from adhering to teeth.

And finally, if none of these work, I would personally advise using a lip stain instead of a lipstick.  It will still give you color, but hopefully none of it on your teeth.  You could try this one from The Balm, or this one from Tarte, both of which are rated highly as non-drying stains that don’t necessarily need a coat of gloss over them.

Ladies, do you have any other tips that worked for you?

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