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If Only It Were That Easy…

By Glinda

Teenagers would be buying these in droves.  Which I don’t think they are.  Heck, I would be buying it in droves.   Hitting forty did nothing to stop blemishes, which is not how I imagined forty to be.

Some say the Tanda Zap works, others say it doesn’t.  Is it worth fifty bucks to find out?

Although as someone who grew up with some acne problems (not, thankfully, the cystic type) and a mother indifferent to the state of my skin, I have taken a vow to do whatever it takes to ensure that neither of my children have to endure unnecessary skin problems.

Hopefully they have inherited their dad’s skin, which is pretty much breakout-free.  And to think, he doesn’t even really wash his face!

One Response to “If Only It Were That Easy…”

  1. dgm Says:

    After much self-experimentation into the cause of my adult-onset acne (I didn’t get it as a teen), I discovered cow dairy as the main culprit. (Sheep and goat dairy are fine, which is great because I love me my cheeses.) The introduction of a daily glass of kefir (although made from cow’s milk, oddly enough) has also worked wonders to clear things up.

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