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Kinerase, Coming to a Wal-Mart Near You

By Glinda

According to this article in the LA Times, it seems that some prestige skincare brands, such as Kinerase, Rodial, and Borba, will be producing lower-priced “capsule collections” in order to expand their customer base.  Hey, in the clothing world it’s worked for Lanvin and Karl Lagerfeld, right?

 Well, some of them won’t carry the brand name into the drugstore, because apparently upon seeing that someone could pick up the same brand at Walgreens, the customer who pays $78 for a small tube of undereye cream would run away screaming for something a bit more elitist.  No, these products will operate under the assumed names of Dr. Lewinn for Kinerase at Walgreens and Wal-Mart, and NIP+FAB for Rodial to be sold at Target.  Borba is keeping the name, but adding the term “Collection” to the products. 

The trick will be for the products to still contain the pricey ingredients, there will just be less quantity of them.  Both in actual amounts and number of different ingredients.  Where the full-priced version might contain eight expensive ingredients, the lower end will have two.

I will admit to being extremely interested in Kinerase products, only to be turned away at the thought of paying that much money for only one tube of something, to which would need to be added at least one other tube, which would result in a bill of a couple hundred bucks.  Maybe I’ll be willing to drop that much into skincare in ten years or so, but not right now.

So I have to admit they’ve probably got a good marketing strategy going.

And, I’m sort of in love with this quote from the founder of Borba,

The innovator also sees potential for more dedicated consumers: “People can buy the entire Borba Collection armada, instead of saying, ‘I can only afford this product this month.'”

The Borba Armada, ready to launch Operation Wrinkle Remove on your face!

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