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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

By Glinda

Who else is scared by their reflection in the miror when they wake up in the morning?

I didn’t used to be so scared of it until I started getting lovely things like wrinkles and blotchiness and other entertaining skin variations that come with the aging process.  If it is indeed true that you get the face you deserve, I must have been a total bitch my entire life.

Not that I hate myself when I see my reflection, but I sometimes stand there and say, really? So this is what it’s come to?

For someone who enjoys putting on makeup, I find myself not using a whole lot of it lately, but I think my almost year-old daughter is mostly to blame.  My morning routine these days is lucky to include a splash of water along with brushing the teeth.  Sometimes between getting my son out the door for school and dealing with the baby, I am sad to say my hair doesn’t even get brushed until hours later. 

Wouldn’t you just love to visit me first thing in the morning?

I promise it will make you feel better about yourself.

3 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…”

  1. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Heh — for me it’s the sleep creases. That, and I sleep on the left side of my face, so i’m starting to get this lovely vertical line at the front of my cheek. It IS better if I remember to moisturize the night before, so I suppose there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  2. gemdiva Says:

    Not so much scared as mildly amused at the fact that I could go to sleep looking so good and wake up looking like whatever happened to Baby Jane. I have been known to entertain myself by making funny faces in the mirror to compliment the state of my hair. Yes I do need a life.

  3. Glinda Says:

    @LPA- Yeah, as I age the creases in my forehead (frown lines) are much more pronounced in the morning. Boo!

    @gemdiva- I’m absolutely positive that you don’t look all that bad! I’ve seen your pic and you are gorgeous!

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