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Monday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

Last week I asked about permanent makeup procedures and if you’d be willing to spring for one. 52% said the mere thought of it gave you the willies, while 34% were paranoid about having a permanent “mistake” made upon your face. I feel both of you. 4% would do it if they could afford it, 4% would totally go for it. Only 1% of you have had a procedure done already, and Vicki was kind enough to expand on her particular experience in the comment section.

Today, I want to know about how you prefer to do your “special occasion” hair.  I’m not talking about what you would do for a wedding, but more for a really great party or very special night out, like let’s say a formal-ish New Year’s soiree.

6 Responses to “Monday Beauty Poll”

  1. Carol Says:

    My hair is very short, so there are really only two ways I can style it. Either as regular with a little product and combed through with my fingers or lots of product and slicked very close to my head. So no real choices. It’s my look, though, and I’m fine with it. Takes less than a minute to do! :-)

  2. Jennie Says:

    What’s a special occasion? My hair is fine and thin. My face is fat and round. Curled slightly under and a managed bob is my 24/7 look because anything else looks just bad…

  3. Christine Says:

    My hair does what it wants, when it wants. I just hope that the party falls on a good day.

  4. Cassie Says:

    For me, it depends a lot on 1)what the occasion is, because there’s a night out and there’s A Night Out and 2)how much time I’m feeling like/able to put towards it.

    Frequently, I’ll put my (slightly longer than shoulder-length) hair into a twisted bun and leave it until it’s dry, which gives the waves in my hair something to do – it looks like a fairly thick hot roller job, but I don’t have to fuss with hot rollers (god, I hate them so!). Sometimes in addition, or in place of it, I’ll put on a headband I have that has a peacock feather pad on it – sort of like a fascinator, since the band is almost the same color as my hair.

    If I know it’s something special, and I know enough in advance, I’ll wash my hair the night before, wet-set with sponge rollers, and sleep on them. Makes bouncy curls that, if I don’t do anything silly, stay most of the day, and look special.

  5. aurumgirl Says:

    I am looking into wigs.

    I had this discussion with my nephew, who appears to be developing the kind of hair I’m “blessed” with. He’s thinking about wigs, too.

  6. The Jimbles Says:

    Holy cow, what DON’T I do with it?

    It’s thick with natural, fuzzy waves, so a lot of what I do with it depends on the weather.

    Warm & humid=air-dried wavy w/frizz fighter and piled loosely on my head.
    Cool & humid=air-dried w/frizz fighter wavy and down
    Warm & dry=blow-dried, flat-ironed and in a ponytail
    Cool & dry=blow-dried, velcro-rolled (volume, yo!) and down, à la Barbarella

    The only problem is how time-consuming the whole rigamarole is.

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