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Monday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

Well, we had quite the discussion going on in the comments regarding the whole “you get what you pay for” theory when it comes to beauty products.  Thanks to aurumgirl for a very well thought-out comment to get things rolling.  52% of you said that it depends, and yes and no responses were evenly split at 23% each.

Last week, the lovely and talented Gaia over at The Non-Blonde had a post in which she stated she was intimidated by purple eye makeup.  That got me to wondering if there was any particular color that has you reaching for the other side of the shelf.

14 Responses to “Monday Beauty Poll”

  1. Aurumgirl Says:

    Pink lipstick, specifically. I’ve tried wearing different bright shades of this colour for years, blue-pinks and orange pinks as well. There’s something unflattering about the colour in that it makes my mouth look “out of place” (it’s crazy, but that is the best way to describe it). Blue pinks (fuscia tones, lighter or darker) always make my teeth look unnaturally yellow; orange pinks make my lips look like they’re hovering over my face, not actually part of it. If I choose colours closer to reds or natural toned mauves, then I’m okay–but I don’t consider those colours “pink” shades.

  2. Carol Says:

    Orange and coral are my “avoid at all costs”. I’m a blue eyed, silver haired Scandinavian-complexioned woman who has no business even looking at things on that side of the spectrum. Reds can be blue-toned, greens can be mossy, even golds can be on the “antique” side of things. But orange is just orange.

    (Didn’t pick yellow because I so seldom see it as a choice on the racks other than a color correction stick or somesuch. Do they really have yellow as a makeup color?)

  3. KESW Says:

    Almost any blue or green. I can do violet, plum, etc, and tons of pinks and browns. But if it’s not a color that my skin or someone else’s could theoretically come up with on its own I just can’t manage to apply it without looking ridiculous.

  4. Klee Says:

    I don’t get yellow in beauty products. Even the chanel yellow nail polish looks ugly. Coral and orange, however, are my go- to colors for summer, faking a summer glow on my otherwise pale blue/green eyed face. Lighter blues make me think of the frosted blue shadows of decades past, looks very bad.

  5. Thea Says:

    eye shadows with any orange/rust tones. I’m a blue-eyed, strawberry blonde and because of the red in my hair, makeup people always wanna put me in warm gold/rusty eye shadows ‘to reflect your hair and make your eyes POP’ It makes me look like I got punched in the eye AND have bad allergies

  6. Glinda Says:

    @Carol, oh yes, they definitely have yellow eyeshadow. Although it would be safe to say that nobody uses it anymore!

  7. Thea Says:

    I wore bright yellow frosted eyeshadow for about 3 minutes – but it was the 80s, I was in LA, I was young and had no taste (still looked better on me than rust tho)

  8. Meena Says:

    I sometimes wear a very pale, buttery yellow eyeshadow. I’m a light-olive-skinned brunette, and I find it helps bring out the gold tones in my brown eyes.

  9. Whitney Says:

    I find gold (and other metallics) eyeshadows very pretty when done well, but unfortunately my eyes and their hard contact lenses do not get along well with them at all. Otherwise there really hasn’t been a color that in some variation or another I’ve had trouble wearing somewhere – carefully – on my face (even the dreaded yellow). For the record I’m pale and freckly with auburn highlights and hazel eyes.

  10. wildflower Says:

    On the whole, I’m with KESW, but earlier this summer, I did rock metallic green eyeshadow with a brown linen dress and dangly silver and malachite earrings at a daytime wedding. It was my first break from ultra-conservative makeup, and I was damned proud.

  11. Carol Says:

    Hmm. Maybe I don’t see the yellows because it’s a color I never wear, therefore it just doesn’t register on my conciousness. Though I used to dismiss red lipstick also and now find three of them in my purse at any given time…

  12. Jo Says:

    Pink eyeshadow I have never seen done well. However pretty the shade, the individual always looks as though they have been on a crying jag and now have puffy eyes!

  13. Kimks Says:

    Corals and Oranges…. NO
    Thea- I did the same thing, at the same time and the same place. Unfortunately, it was on picture day in 8th grade…. Ohh, the humanity!

  14. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I’m a blue-eyed, strawberry blonde and because of the red in my hair, makeup people always wanna put me in warm gold/rusty eye shadows ‘to reflect your hair and make your eyes POP’ It makes me look like I got punched in the eye AND have bad allergies

    Thea, I am in the exact same boat (but with aqua eyes, not blue). I can wear browns to good effect, and can even do a bit of copper, if used judiciously. But anything rusty or bronzy, and it just looks really wonky on me. I can rock plum shadow like nobody’s business, though.

    And I’ve given up on red lipstick. It’s just not a friend of mine.

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