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Monday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

95% of you approved of Anne Hathaway’s formal look. I put the picture up because I liked it, yet somehow found it very boring. It was a fairly flawless look, but it held no fascination for me. I was waiting to see if people thought the same way, although in retrospect, I should have had a choice that said “whatever.”

Tom Ford, he of the fairly misogynistic ads (link not necessarily SFW!) has come out with a nail laquer collection that, to hear other beauty bloggers wax enthusiastically, is akin to the second coming of Jesus.

6 Responses to “Monday Beauty Poll”

  1. Aurumgirl Says:

    The colours look good and so does the packaging, but you really have to put a nail polish on to see how it wears. I get a good week to two weeks out of my nail polish, towards the end of that time it can start to chip and if I’ve resisted the urge for variety and kept the shade on that’s when I’ll redo my manicure. So if these varnishes can accomplish the same thing and offer a colour that can’t be matched anywhere else, they might be worth a purchase. But not if I can get the same colour and better performance out of a less luxuriously priced paint.

    Also, I consider it a good month if I actually get a chance to see maybe one (1, single) advertisement for anything that isn’t a big oinking slab of high gloss woman hatin’ during that time. So picking on Tom Ford’s one or two provocative but dime-a -dozen images isn’t really going pinpoint the cause of that problem. You’d have to say that about every product advertised, in order to be fair.

  2. Carol Says:

    They’re lovely colors, yes. Very safe colors, to be honest. You could find the same shades in a couple of dozen other collections including all the ones I can buy at Target or Walmart. So I wouldn’t spend the money on his name.

  3. klee Says:

    I am so over Tom Ford. He is rehashing the same stuff from the 80’s, in a ridiculous, over-the-top manner that looks stale, and slapping a price laughably high on it. Yawn.

  4. Madame Suggia Says:

    I couldn’t care less about Tom Ford (another man telling me how to look sexy? I can’t take him seriously, how the hell does he know, he plays for the other team!) but I do like his shades. Not enough to pay the ridiculous price for them , but still…

  5. Aurumgirl Says:

    Yes, but, as always, it’s the ones who play for the other team who are really paying attention and keeping notes on what flatters and what fails, and all the other gender politics that fly around our heads every single day of our lives. So I wouldn’t discount opinions of those who play for the other team but have a knack for aesthetics–they are likely to be sound.

    Otherwise, you know we’d all be wearing something sported by “women” featured on the albums of KISS, way back in the 70’s, when KISS was a thing.

  6. Madame Suggia Says:

    Aurumgirl, you do have a point. But I do tend to prefer looks by women designers: DVF, Donna Karan, Marni, Prada, Celine. Now if I could just find a way to afford them…

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