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Monday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

A big thumbs down was given to the new Marc Jacob nail colors.  65% of you yawned mightily and took a nap, while only 35% of you thought it was nice enough.  The only way those particular shades could be fantastic is if the color depth is phenomenal, and I haven’t seen it in person, so they very well might be.  But, I still think I’ll pass.

Today I’m about the metallics.  They are a hot trend right now, and I’ve got a question.  Be honest, now…

5 Responses to “Monday Beauty Poll”

  1. Klee Says:

    This is a question I have been struggling with. It does emphasis crepiness, but illuminates also. If I CAREFULLY apply it to the lid only, and use a matte in the crease, it looks ok. I’ve used a metallic liner also to good effect.
    The palette shown above was a disaster on my 50-year-old eyes, though…

  2. Gamma Says:

    Yes, those crepey lids really pop with sparkly shadows (haven’t tried metallic; not my thing). But they also pop with matte shadow. I have had the best success with shadows with just a touch of glimmer.

  3. Carol Says:

    Age isn’t the criteria for making something work. It’s how it’s used and how it’s worn. Anyone can look fabulous or horrible and it’s not age-dependent.

  4. Thea Says:

    It’s really up the the skin of the individual, not a chronological age. I’m sure some vintage women can wear metallics just fine. On me, it settles in lines not normally obvious and makes me look like Disco Komoto Dragon.

  5. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I think it can work if used judiciously. A full-on metallic eye? Nope. A matte eye, with a tiny bit of metallic liner layered over the matte liner? That would add a lovely twinkle and glimmer, I would think. Same with lips. Full-on metallic lips would look odd. But a tiny bit of gold gloss in the centre of a satin coral lip? Pretty.

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