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Monday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

25% of you have broken my heart by saying that you do not have a positive self-image.  I obviously cannot speak to the experiences that have placed you in that mindset, but I want you to know that I truly believe that each of us in our humanity is impossibly and breathtakingly beautiful.  It has nothing to do with the shininess of our hair or the trendiness of our lip color.  It has everything to do with the way we reflect ourselves and our attitudes to the outside world.  I mean, I don’t even know you, and I think you are fantastic!  And if a complete stranger on the internet thinks you’ve got it, then you have got it going on!

59% stated that they mostly do have a positive self-image, and you go, girls! I think it is safe to say that everyone has their off days.  Re-read above.

3% of you say that you absolutely do, and you are my people.  There is nothing to be gained by beating ourselves up, is there?

6 Responses to “Monday Beauty Poll”

  1. Aurumgirl Says:

    I don’t really “adore” them, mostly because I suspect the majority of them are actually sunspots. But they’re here, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so I’m used to them.

  2. Klee Says:

    Ditto What Arumgirl said…

  3. Carol Says:

    You didn’t include a choice for “Yes, and I don’t mind them or even think about them much”. Other than checking once in a while for any changes, that is.

  4. Ellen W. Says:

    My next-door-neighbor from when I was growing up has the cutest, most perfect freckles ever. The classic “sprinkling across the nose” type. I realized that if I couldn’t have freckles like her I didn’t want any. Now I think my giant pores might pass for freckles from a distance. (kidding, kidding.)

  5. Glinda Says:

    Well, I guess you could choose the “I adore them” answer for freckles that don’t bother you. Basically I wanted an “I like” option versus an “I don’t like.”

  6. Whitney Says:

    My husband loves my freckles (pretty much of the nose-and-cheek variety). He likes to count them.

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