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Monday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

I thought about doing a SAG Award red carpet post.  I thought about it for approximately 3.5 seconds, and then discarded it after looking at the celebrities and mostly saying, “Meh.”

Instead, I’ve got the results from last week’s voting, which was all about the one beauty item you would choose to have if you were stranded on a desert island.  We’ve got a very pragmatic bunch here at Manolo Beauty, as 42% of you chose moisturizer.  Mascara was next-highest in votes, with 22%, and it sharply dropped off from there, with 11% needing hair product.  I agree, though, that moisturizer is important, because if your face isn’t moisturized properly, you can put on all the makeup in the world, and it ain’t gonna look good.

Today, I’m curious as to what you’ve worn on your head.  As in, hair that isn’t yours. I remember my grandmother having a at least  two or three of them on styofoam heads in her closet, where I would look at them and get freaked out.  Today, I’m not sure that wigs are as popular as they once were.

5 Responses to “Monday Beauty Poll”

  1. Jen Says:

    OHH, do I have a story for YOU guys!! When I was 8, I had a wig. A blonde wig, about shoulder length, with bangs. I decided one day to wear it to school. In third grade. Since I have no siblings, no one was around to make fun of me before I left the house. I thought I would go to school and pretend to be my glamorous cousin from New York City or something. You can guess what happened: I was roundly mocked in the school yard and didn’t even make it into class with the thing on. Very embarrassing for an eight-year-old, but super-funny now. That was my biggest wig experience.

  2. RB Says:

    I do some theatre now and again, and during one show a few years back, I had to wear a wig. I naturally have shoulder length light/medium brown hair, but the wig was a dark brown/black pixie cut. I was sitting backstage when I bent over to put it on–then I flipped up, and everyone in the dressing room gasped. This wig had supernatural powers that changed the color of my eyes from a muddy grey to a brilliant bright green. It was spectacular. Ever since then, I’ve had an urge to dye my hair dark, but I’m scared…

  3. Whitney Says:

    It’s odd that I don’t “play” with wigs the way I do with scarves and hats…

  4. Glinda Says:

    @Jen- It sounds like you were a real life Hannah Montana. Thanks for the story, I felt bad for your 8 year old self!

    @RB- My 24 year old cousin went from light brown to black, and it made her blue eyes absolutely pop against her fair skin! I say go for it!

    @Whitney- I think people are afraid of looking “cheap” with a wig, even though there are some that are beautiful and very expensive.

  5. Whitney Says:

    @Glinda – I don’t think it’s the cost factor so much as reaction. Considering the double-takes and dropped jaws I get at work if I show up with my hair wrapped up in a pretty foulard, I may cause a small riot if I start showing up in wigs (though it’s something I’d love to do).

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