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Monday/Tuesday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

Wow, OK, y’all had some very opinionated views on your most un-favorite makeup color.  Good to see the heat hasn’t zapped the spirit out of anyone.  Believe me when I say I mean that in the most loving way possible.  I’m all about the love here at Manolo Beauty. 

The winner of the most-dreaded makeup color was orange/coral at 29%, the runner-up being yellow at 25%.  12% are afraid of blue, 9% of red, and 8% of green. 

Absolutely no one is afraid of gold. 

Many of you also expressed particular hatred of pink eyeshadow, and I must say, I ROCK me some pink eyeshadow.  I think it has to do mostly with your skin tone, as the paler girls seem to be the one with the pink eyeshadow beef.  Maybe I will do a how-to.

Today’s question is:

6 Responses to “Monday/Tuesday Beauty Poll”

  1. SarahDances Says:

    Aaaahhh, okay, so while I picked mismatched foundation, since it will make anybody look awful, the one I see the most in the wild is wrong color eyeshadow. I will absolutely mentally re-do people’s makeup on the metro, in the office, or wherever. I think Color Me Beautiful should be required reading in adolescence.

    And respecting pink eyeshadow, the key for pale gals (like myself) is to go with a subtle, pale pink, and anchor it with gray or navy at the lash line so you don’t look like you’ve been crying. Trust!

  2. Aurumgirl Says:

    Visible lipliner. Biggest, dumbest mistake there is, and one which defeats the purpose of makeup entirely.

  3. Jelly Says:

    I had to choose too-light foundation, because during the winter I go very pale, and during the summer, I gain all that colour back. I am petrified of choosing the wrong colour foundation (horrible experience in high school), so I always ask for a cosmetician’s opinion. I really don’t trust my own eye.

    What do you do when you buy a foundation in spring, and by mid-summer, it’s too light?

  4. marvel Says:

    My beauty blunders are probably too numerous to pick just one, but mostly boil down to “not caring about the make-up very much at the moment” issues.

    Jelly: When I got more tan than usual last summer, I bought a slightly darker tone of the same brand of foundation and mixed it (during application) with the lighter one I used in winter. Sometime in October the tan faded and I went back to the unadulterated lighter one. Experts here can now explain why this was wrong! (Also I buy drugstore brand make-up, so a 2nd bottle of foundation didn’t precisely break the bank.)

  5. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    My biggest beauty blunder was following the skinny-eyebrow trend in the 1990’s. Prior to that, I had GREAT eyebrows. Thick, but not too thick, and shapely. I plucked them into thin squiggles. I’ve since let them grow back, but they’re just not the same, and will only get worse as I get older.

  6. Kimks Says:

    Overuse of all makeup—- I spent a portion of my twenties thinking that spackled on makeup = eternal hotness. I am glad I had a friend who wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth. I took a make up artistry class at a local cosmetology school and have been happy in my cosmetics since then.

    I totally mix the foundations to get the right color in the summer

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