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Oscars 2011: Reflections on the Red Carpet

By Glinda

The Oscars red carpet 2011 was actually fairly boring, makeup-wise. So, I’m going to be focusing mostly on hair. 

And because I’m in a bad mood, completely random potshots at anybody and everybody! No one is spared! Not even the famous elderly!

Hailee Steinfeld is a-freaking-dorable. Love the hair.

Bow down to your pink overlord.  The details on the dress were incredible.

Not a fan of the dress, and I find her hair extremely aging.

I thought her hair was perfect.  Fun but still polished.

Thank you Lord, for letting Sharon Stone bring teh cray-cray.

Penelope Cruz has Javier Bardem, a new son, and fantastic hair? Life.  It is not fair.

Armie Hammer (SRSLY?) and Elizabeth Chambers: couple voted Most Likely to Annoy the Crap Out of You. Kids, you would do well to emulate Penelope and Javier.

More snark after the jump.

Gwynnie, stand up straight! Oh, and Nicole, your bangs are All. Wrong. 

Men of the Oscars, listen up!  It is not OK for you to look like you just rolled out of bed! 

Jesse Eisenberg, shampoo is your friend.

Russell Brand, your hair should never be shinier than your lapel.  Ever.

I have NEVER understood why anyone would think Justin Timberlake is sexy.  At least he wore a tux, though.

Christian Bale, even you cannot pull off the full Jesus. 

What is with the Italians and their love of the color orange? Valentino looks like he rubbed shards from a terracotta pot all over his cheeks.

And lastly, the three most depressed people ever to walk a red carpet.


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