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Presenting The Thirty Dollar Deoderant

By Glinda

Like everyone else I know, I sweat. Sometimes I sweat more than others, but cute names aside, I don’t know that I’d ever consider paying thirty bucks for a deoderant.  Unless angels sing the Hallelujah chorus whenever I lift up my arms.  Then I might consider it. Briefly.

Now, it supposedly also has hair-minimizing properties, but most of the reviews were a bit sketchy on the details for that aspect of the product.

A percentage of the proceeds (what percentage is not stated) goes to the Jane Goodall Foundation. I’m thinking that if supporting that charity was one of the main reasons for buying this, then you would probably be better off buying a four dollar deoderant and donating the money you would have spent.

Can a deoderant ever really be worth thirty dollars?

Do tell!

2 Responses to “Presenting The Thirty Dollar Deoderant”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    I just read the list of “active” ingredients, the ones which are supposed to minimize the hair growth. Girl, you can laser that stuff off, you can shave or wax it off, or you can use a depilatory. But if you think that using some bayberry, fireweed, and gymnema tea because they are “thought to” or “anticipated to” reduce or impede hair growth, you need to give me your $30. Those plants do have legitimate uses and effects that have been documented in materia medicas, there is nothing “thought to” or “anticipated to” there–but nowhere will you find that they inhibit hair growth. Because they do not. Pardon my tone, but the language used in that “active” ingredient list is abusively misleading.

    And inhibiting hair growth is not the point of a deodorant, anyway.

    There are lots of great deodorants on the market, or you can make your own for so little. If the Gorillas really are your concern, donate your money to Jane Goodall’s charity directly–since this company is happy to advertise their charitable nature while neglecting to inform you of just how much of your $30 gets to Jane herself, you can bet a direct donation will do the gorillas a lot more good.

  2. Miss B Says:

    Um. No. Just does not compute. I’d rather donate directly – especially as this doesn’t say what percentage of what number goes to the charity. Is it a percentage of each sale, a percentage of profit, a percentage of some randomly selected number the corporation drew out of a hat?? LOL!

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