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Product Review: Guerlain Meteorites

By Glinda

Yes, I went there.

I went and spent almost sixty dollars on some powder.

What can I say?  I was drunk on being away from my children for the first time in a long while and it went to my  head.  Freedom!  The freedom to spend a crapload of money! 

Except I sort of regretted the purchase instantly.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the product.  I really did.

It was recommended that I purchase Teint Dore, which has golden undertones.  It makes my skin look nice, and I love the old-fashioned smell.  One caveat is that it is important to use the right type of brush, else the little perles tend to want to jump out of the pretty container.  There is a Guerlain brush that is designed specifically for this product, but my wallet could not handle both at once.

It does indeed soften out my lines and illuminates my skin nicely.  Soemtimes I wonder if it is a bit too glittery, and then I tell myself to shut up and just go with it.  I save it for special occasions, and as such, I expect to use this up in about ten years.  Give or take.

But is it worth the sixty bucks?  Is there no comparable product for less?

I’m sure there is.

But, I love the idea of this product (one of the first of its kind when first introduced in 1987) so much that even though I planned to return it, I didn’t.

Maybe I’m an idiot who just spent sixty bucks on something she didn’t really need, but I’m happy nonetheless.

3 Responses to “Product Review: Guerlain Meteorites”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    It’s pointless to regret this expense. You bought yourself a treat, it’s not something you should let yourself do every day (because you need money for other things) but the purchase was made and if it was a silly decision, it was the kind of silly decision you can choose to avoid next time.

    Meantime, Guerlain is not the only company that makes brushes for use with
    “meteorite” shaped powder balls. You know the shape of the brush they make, simply go out and find its duplicate in a lower priced product. Use the powder when you want to look and feel especially gorgeous, because that is what you bought it to do.

  2. Carol Says:

    Physician’s Formula made a similar product that I used 10 years ago – they still use the same concept in their powders and blushes, though it’s no longer the loose pearls. It made my skin glow without making it all the same color. Wonderful stuff! Maybe I should repurchase for the summer…

  3. wildflower Says:

    I’ve also seen the pressed powder equivalent of this–where the colors are discrete, and you swish the brush over all of them to get a blend of them all.

    What is the purpose of either of these? Why not blend the powder together before packaging it?

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