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Product Review: Philosophy 3-in-1 Bath, Shampoo, and Shower Gel

By Glinda

I  normally tend to stay away from products that purport to be multi-purpose.  For some reason, I don’t trust a product that says it is going to work as well on my hair as it does on my skin.

But, it was a semi-emergency in that I was already in the shower and too lazy to get out and get my shampoo, which was on the kitchen table.  OK, so maybe not much of an emergency, but I bet you would have done the same thing.

I used the philosophy product both as a soap and shampoo, even though I didn’t really need to use it as a soap, just because I love you guys that much.  How can I give a review of only one part of a three part product? 

Let me just say this, if you don’t have anything else, yeah, you can use it as a shower gel.  It isn’t outstanding, though.  Definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to use it for that purpose.

Surprisingly, I preferred it as a shampoo.  It cleansed my hair nicely and didn’t leave any kind of weird residue.  My biggest concern was that it would dry my hair out, but it did nothing of the sort.

And my hair smelled like cake, which was a bonus.   They’ve got lots of different, delectable scents, so feel free to go wild.


One Response to “Product Review: Philosophy 3-in-1 Bath, Shampoo, and Shower Gel”

  1. Klee Says:

    I mark the transition to fall each year with the arrival of Philosophy’s Pumpkin Pie, which is awesome. You’re right, it is a surprisingly nice shampoo, and leaves your hair smelling great all day. As a shower gel, the smell doesn’t really linger, so you can wear perfume without clashing.

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