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Product Review: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

By Glinda

Simply put, if you need/want an eyelash curler, don’t waste your money on anything else.

I’ve found that as I’ve aged, my eyelashes have started growing straighter than they used to.  Don’t know if that is common, but for me, a pain in the butt because lashes that stick straight out instead of curving up do not look all that great with mascara.  So, to the eyelash curler I went.  A simple squeeze, no pain, no pinching, and voila!  Beautifully curved eyelashes begging for some mascara. 

There isn’t an eyelash curler that even comes close to Shu Uemura’s, and many have tried.  I don’t know exactly what voodoo they use in the making of this thing, but it is almost magical.  I have NEVER hurt my eyelashes using this product, and as long as you are careful about placement, you won’t either.

Remember, always curl before applying mascara.  Otherwise, you’ll get nasty bits of mascara all over your curler.  Not pretty.

8 Responses to “Product Review: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Agreed, this is the best eyelash curler, hands down! But I went to Sephora to replace mine and they no longer carry it. The associate told me they were no longer sold in the US. Say it ain’t so!

  2. Gamma Says:

    Yeah, well, I tried to buy one last month at Sephora, and they said that item is ni longer available in North America. Now I can never curl my eyelashes again.

  3. wildflower Says:

    What are the pitfalls of a bad eyelash curler? I’ve used several, and found that they all work just fine by me. Currently, I use the Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler, which I bought because it was tiny and plastic, and the idea of pinching eyelashes in plastic sounded less abrasive than metal. Works fine, too.

  4. Glinda Says:

    @Cassandra and Gamma- The link I provided in the post above goes right to Shu Uemura’s US website, and you can order it there. Maybe the Sephora staff meant it was no longer available through THEM.

  5. Glinda Says:

    @wildflower- I would say that the pitfalls of a bad eyelash curler would be one that crimps your lashes rather than curls them. Also, one that is prone to pinching is never good. FWIW, the Shu Uemura does have padding, so it isn’t metal on metal type of thing.

    Maybe you already have lashes that are naturally curled up, and don’t need as much assistance as I do!

  6. wildflower Says:

    Oh no–mine are Asian and poker-straight! To make matters worse, I have one single eyelid and one double. :) But no-one notices our flaws but ourselves, and I am often told I have lovely eyes. They are definitely lovely by a different standard from white people’s though; I have a colleague at work with enormous green eyes and millions of long, lush, perfectly curled dark brown eyelashes, and I am crazy jealous!

  7. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    My eyelashes are poker-straight as well. The Shu Uemura curler is fantastic for them, but one coat of mascara, and they still lose their curl. Only waterproof keeps the curl held. I’m now contemplating extensions.

    Note: no matter how inebriated you are, and even if you DON’T have a bottle opener for your bottle of Stella, do not try to use your eyelash curler as a bottle opener. It doesn’t work. Hence, why I’m on my second Shu.

  8. Cassie Says:

    I have never used an eyelash curler – I don’t know if I’ve never needed it, or what, but they terrify me a little. Once, in high school, I went on a trip with my quiz bowl team (nerd alert!) and the girl I was rooming with used one; coat of mascara, eyelash curl, coat of mascara. I was intimidated.

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