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Shave it For Later

By Glinda

There’s a small little blurb of an article that claims Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shave(d) their faces to make their skin look better and to exfoliate.

Deep dark secret time.

What I’m about to admit goes to show how much I love you guys.

I do this.

Now, I’ve got peach fuzz.  It’s blond, but there’s quite a bit of it.  When I was younger, it wasn’t really a big issue for me.  But when I hit my late twenties, it started to really, really bug me.  It seemed like my foundation wasn’t adhering to my face as well, and one day, feeling like a female Sasquatch, I put one of my husband’s disposable razors to my face and shaved from my cheekbones down to my neck.

I was immediately ashamed.

And then I looked in the mirror, saw how smooth and lovely my skin looked without the hair, and  I was hooked.  I vowed to keep doing it for as long as my hand was capable of holding a razor.

To me, it is not much different than dermaplaning, which is something fancy spas charge you a lot of money to do what is essentially the same thing.

I don’t use any gel or cream or soap because I have sensitive skin. I usually shave my face right after a shower, using warm water, and take it nice and slow. The razors I use also have no “moisturizing” strips on them, I’m always afraid they will irritate my skin. I have yet to cut myself.  I don’t feel that my hair grows back thicker, darker, or coarser (which is known to be a myth anyway, although that doesn’t seem to stop people from saying it).

I constantly get complimented on my skin, even though up until very recently, I’ve never used any kind of moisturizer or night cream on a regular basis.


Maybe not.

4 Responses to “Shave it For Later”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    I’ve started getting a lot of (soft, transparent) facial hair in my 40’s. I knew this was coming, as my grandmother and mother had the same thing. I use Avon’s facial hair remover from the midface down, but I’ve been known to rely on just a razor to take care of the skin around my mouth. The hair has no color to it, but there’s enough that it actually interferes with foundation and powder, so it comes off.

  2. klee Says:

    I too started getting blond fuzz in my 40’s. Tried shaving once, but the stubble was more obvious to the touch. Now I use cream hair remover for face, about every 10 days, and it works as well as a glycolic peel (with less irritation) and takes off the fuzz.

  3. Christine Says:

    I do this, too. I’m prone to acne and any extra creams are a recipe for disaster.

  4. annie Says:

    I’ve been doing this for years. Not long ago, there was a woman next to me at the hair salon who was asking what she should do about this hair on her face. No one mentioned shaving. I kept my mouth shut as well. Embarrassing somehow. But very effective and cost efficient. Good exfoliation.

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