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So Here We Are

By Glinda

Oh yes, a beauty blog.

I’ve been dying to do this type of blog for years now, and I was finally able to wear the Manolo down after about three years of bugging him about it.  Because I’m that persuasive.

Am I some type of beauty expert? A person who has any type of professional makeup experience? 

Well, no.

But, I will assure you that at the tender age of eleven I was already pawing through my sister’s Seventeen magazines and avidly reading up on the correct way to apply eyeshadow (which really, hasn’t changed a whole lot in the thirty years since) and the best way to highlight your cheekbones.

My tween self took all of this advice to heart, having already covertly practiced with my grandmother’s Avon products while she was away at work, as my mother didn’t really wear makeup.   Luckily for me, my grandmother had a bathroom filled with all kinds of beauty products for me to enjoy.  Not because I thought I was ugly without them, but the colors, the textures, and the scents were all too intoxicating for me to resist.  It was, indeed, futile.

As I got older and my checkbook expanded, so did my range of products.  I bought everything from expensive hair conditioner to tinted moisturizer to lotions with acid in them and everything in between.

So while I’m no professional, I am someone with more than a passing interest in the world of beauty, and always have been.   I also own no fewer than fifteen lipsticks at any one time, all of which are used regularly.  Which either means I really like lipstick or I need to enter some type of twelve step program.

I’d like to use this site to chat about all the things we use to make ourselves look (hopefully) better than before we applied them. 

So pull up a chair, powder your nose, and let’s go!

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4 Responses to “So Here We Are”

  1. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Oh yay! This IS exciting! I love makeup and beauty and like you, started pawing through Seventeen and Mademoiselle (remember that one?) at a very tender age. I’m so delighted that this blog is here and that you’re writing it, and will definitely be a Very Frequent Commenter.

  2. dcsurfergirl Says:

    This is so cool!
    I was also fascinated with makeup and perfume as a tween. Funny, I otherwise wasn’t much of a girly girl. Oh well.
    I will have fun with this blog!

  3. Janet Says:

    This is great! I, too, love make-up and beauty products, and I also don’t know the true color of my hair underneath the wonderfully-applied color and highlights that’s I’ve had going for, oh, the last 18 years or so., But I do know that when I wear make-up I have more confidence and my personality comes through in a positive way. I’ve also been told that I look about 10 years younger than I really am, and I totally credit my oily skin for this. I’ve finally (right before menopause is FINALLY) found a dermatological product that works for me and every blemish-free day is counted as a blessing in my book! Here’s to more wonderful blogging, Glinda! Thanks!

  4. Glinda Says:

    @LPA- Have I mentioned lately that I love you? 😉

    @dcsurfergirl- I hope to have a blast with all of you!

    @Janet- Oh, so there is at least one positive thing to our oily skin? Good to know! Hope you see you in the comments section!

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