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Summer Beauty Tips

By Glinda

My, that is such a service-y type of title isn’t it?

I figured that since it is mid-June, it is probably time to start discussing the ways in which we change our beauty routines when the hot and sometimes humid weather kicks in.

I am fortunate to live in a fairly temperate climate.  Sure, we’ll get hot here, but humidity is rarely a huge factor.  Not that I’m far from the ocean, but for some reason the days in which the heat and humidity are positively unbearable are few.

So, my beauty tips for hot weather, limited as they are, are as follows:

-Figure out a flattering way to wear your hair up and get your hair off your neck.  You’ll be at least five degrees cooler, I promise.  Or, if you are the type that doesn’t mind, get a short haircut and fugeddaboudit.

– Powder is your friend.

– As are blotting papers.  And in a pinch, did you know that the ubiquitous toilet seat covers found in public restrooms make fantastic blotters?  Uh, straight from the dispenser, which goes without saying.

– Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  We all know this, but it bears repeating.   Be even smarter than you already are and combine powder and sunscreen together. My very fair-skinned sister uses this handy portable powder sunscreen and swears by it.

– And even with sunscreen, I’ve lately become very fond of hats in hot weather.

– Even though it also sounds obvious, go for light washes of color rather than dramatic statements.   Well, dramatic statements can be saved for nighttime, anyway.

– Fake some color with a great bronzer.

All right ladies, step up and share your best hot weather beauty tips!  We are dying to know!

4 Responses to “Summer Beauty Tips”

  1. Kimiko Says:

    I am a fan of using my bronzer as an eyeshadow. I just put it in my crease. Since I know it flatters my skintone already, I know it will always be flattering!

    Also, if you are a fan of blotting papers, there is a super cheap option (other than the free toilet seat covers). Look in the hair care section of your drugstore or beauty supply store and find the “end wraps.” If you’ve ever had your hair permed, they are the white pieces of paper that the stylist puts on your hair before rolling it in the perm rods. You can buy a box of 1,000 end wraps for something like 2 or 3 dollars.

  2. Whitney Says:

    Those new vibrating eye rollers you see everywhere now? Keep one in the fridge. Still does its job and on a hot day you can use it as a soother (just don’t leave it directly over your eyeball for more than a few seconds).

  3. Leah Says:

    And of course check out the new FDA regulations on sunscreens…

    I’m pale as a ghost AND I have a convertible, so I use sunscreen EVERY DAY in the summer. I’m also on board with wide-brimmed hats, so long as it’s more “Samantha” then “Sofia.”

  4. Glinda Says:

    Yeah, what are the odds that they would come out with those new guidelines the DAY AFTER I write this post. Couldn’t be the day before, of course not.

    Here is an interesting link about sunscreens:

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