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Taylor Swift Needs to Stand Still

By Glinda

I certainly do not categorize myself as a hater of Taylor Swift.  In fact, I really don’t think about her much at all.  I’m just not in her target demographic in any way.  From the little I have seen of her, she seems like a sweet person, she is very pretty, and obviously she’s got quite the bit of musical talent.


She is not what the modeling industry calls a “mover.” OK, I’m not really sure there is such a term in the modeling world, but there should be.

Other talents notwithstanding, Taylor Swift does not have natural movement as one of her gifts.  In fact, I might even call what she does in these Cover Girl commercials downright awkward.  Which makes me wonder why the felt the need to have her move around at all.  The last time I checked, I didn’t feel the urge to buy a lipstick because the spokesperson was a great dancer.

Or maybe it’s just me?

One Response to “Taylor Swift Needs to Stand Still”

  1. wildflower Says:

    I totally agree with you. I think she is adorable and seems genuinely likable, but she always seems awkward and stilted in photos, and those ads just highlight that. It seems mamas don’t teach their girls about posture any more. It makes me sad to see young girls slouching and dragging their feet everywhere.

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