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The Silk Pillowcase- Beauty Myth or Fact?

By Glinda

My stylist frowned at me and asked,  “Do you sleep on your back?”  At the time I did, and I answered in the affirmative.  She said I had all kinds of broken hair on the back of my head from sleeping that way, and advised me to buy a silk pillowcase, stat.   I never did, because I couldn’t really see them, and at the time, I was really poor.  Then later on, I read that sleeping on a silk pillowcase helped to fend off wrinkles on the face as well.  Now that one is reigniting my interest in silk pillowcases, because I can indeed see my wrinkles.  A little too well, actually.

I decided to do some research on the intertubes as to whether purchasing one would be a good idea, or just money down the drain.

What I found was really interesting.

First, I found this website that examines in a scientific manner the claims made by one particular producer of silk pillowcases.  And scientifically, there was nothing that said they were better than regular old cotton, at least from a skin perspective.  The hair perspective wasn’t really addressed. For some entertainment, go ahead and read some of the comments, almost all of which are shills for silk pillowcase companies expressing outrage over the findings on the site.

Then I went on a few different websites and looked at chat forums and such, all of them asking about the efficacy of silk pillowcases, which often sidetracked onto satin pillowcases and debates about the different merits of the two. 

So what seemed to be the consensus?

That silk/satin pillowcases can be pricey, but really good ones are soft and lovely to sleep on, if nothing else.  Almost everyone said that they noticed a big difference in their hair, but as far as the face goes, the pillowcases only served to prevent sleep creases, not actual wrinkles. 

I’m going to call myth on the wrinkles, and fact on the hair.

3 Responses to “The Silk Pillowcase- Beauty Myth or Fact?”

  1. Klee Says:

    I’ve been using a silk pillowcase for years. Best thing ever for not waking up with bed head. Pricey, but the pillowcase lasts forever.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    I use the Satin. A huge help with the frizz factor.

  3. Glinda Says:

    I had a cheap one a long time ago, but it quickly shredded and for some reason, I never bothered to get another one. Probably because I don’t really go anywhwere all that important in the morning.

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