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There’s Lead in Them Thar Lipsticks!

By Glinda

Well, we sorta already knew that, but the list was oh so very short.  Now the FDA has come out with a longer list, although there is a lot of brand repetition, there are scads of brands that weren’t even sampled once.  Which is a shame, because I’m dying to know how much lead is in my Guerlain Rouge G.  I’m a little weirded out that a brand I have never even heard of is represented multiple times, yet not one Urban Decay or Stila.

Go here for the full list.

Basically what I take away from the list is that the amount of lead you get in your lipstick is a total crap shoot.  Ranging from a high of 3.06 parts per million (ouch, Cover Girl!)  to a low of less than .026, there are some interesting numbers, indeed.  Wet n’ Wild, one of the cheapest brands, comes in with some very low ppm levels, while NARS comes in with a very high number.  Color isn’t a factor, a pink is as likely as a deep red to have high lead levels.  It isn’t color saturation, either, as the Burt’s Bees lip shimmers come in embarrassingly high for a brand touted as “natural” and therefore more healthy.

Eh, yeah, I don’t want to hear that lead is a natural substance.

I did learn, however, that M.A.C. is part of Estee Lauder, which I hadn’t known before.

Aside from that, throw caution to the wind when applying your lipstick ladies (and possibly men)!  There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason to the variance in lead levels that I can figure out, although admittedly my brain capacity for these types of things is low.

Have we all just decided that we don’t care about lead in our lipstick?  Or is this an area of concern for you?  Does the random nature of the lead levels annoy you as much as it annoys me?


2 Responses to “There’s Lead in Them Thar Lipsticks!”

  1. marvel Says:

    Well, as long as small children don’t eat the lipstick, I’m not sure lead in the lipstick is major health risk factor.

    Of course, with the tales you have told of your toddler, might stick to Wet N Wild. :)

  2. Babs Says:

    MAC is part of Estee Lauder? Damn. Can’t buy MAC anymore either – Estee is animal testing again. *sigh*

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