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Things I Covet: 2011 Lady Dior Palette

By Glinda

Well, well, Dior is certainly coming out gangbusters this year with the collectible palettes, are they not? 

As a tribute to the Lady Dior bag, as modeled with the beautiful Marion Cotillard, Dior is releasing a beyond-exclusive palette.

Of course, methinks nobody in their right mind would actually use this palette, as one tiny swipe would likely ruin the whole thing.  But, I appreciate the workmanship and artistry that went into the making of each palette, which was all done by hand.

What do you think of “collectible” palettes?  A really cruddy investment? Fine if you’ve got the money to burn? 

And, I wonder exactly how long a makeup palette would last, anyway.  I’m guessing that to keep it in prime condition, you wouldn’t open it if you could help it.   Otherwise, I would be afraid of something happening to it.  If I spent that much money, I’d be paranoid that even a tiny bit of exposure to oxygen would hasten its demise.

2 Responses to “Things I Covet: 2011 Lady Dior Palette”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    So pretty! But I would never, ever want to use it. I’d buy it for collecting’s sake.

    I used to collect antique makeup products–old compacts with pressed powder, and the like, that were never used. The compacts themselves are gorgeous and the powders are all just as ready to use as they ever were, but their value is in their being intact after all these decades. Most of the ones I have date from the early 1900’s. No doubt this Dior compact would last just as long, if not longer. Just never use it as make-up, and keep all it’s packaging, then keep it safe.

  2. Ida Says:

    If I were to buy it (if I felt like a splurge), it would definitely be to use it. Perhaps in a rather reverent way, but still. I really don’t have the space, nor the budget to buy makeup that I won’t use. I can be said to be a collector, but not of things in mint condition. And really, it’s EYESHADOW. Isn’t life too short not to use the prettiest ones?

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