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Things I Don’t Do: Cat Eyes

By Glinda

For the sake of this post, we’re going to go with “cat eye” makeup being any look in which the eyeliner on the upper lid extends past the lid. 

Some people, they’ve got the dramatic life in which to carry this look off. 

Me? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got drama.  It’s just the kind that doesn’t require me to look glamorous.

Even when I was young and fancy-free, I didn’t really use this look much.  I’m more of a natural California-type girl when it comes to makeup.  Which sort of makes sense, as I am a native Californian.  I’m more prone to do a really dramatic lip color than a really dramatic eye.

You’ve really got to have a steady hand in which to execute this look, and I’ve already stated that liquid liner and I don’t really get along.

But yet, I can certainly appreciate the artistry that goes into this look.  When done well, I think it is stunning.

One Response to “Things I Don’t Do: Cat Eyes”

  1. SarahDances Says:

    I love this look too, though something about the shape of my eyes makes it somewhat tricky on me. I love doing a fairly monochromatic eyeshadow look with cat eye liner. Depending on what shadow color I use (anything from neutral gold to brilliant teal), it can look anywhere from very retro to very modern!

    I will state again for the record that anyone who is scared by liquid eyeliner really ought to give gel eyeliner a go. Same visual result, but much more forgiving to apply and stays put better when set. I use Maybelline, but a nice MAC brush. Love it!

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