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Things I Don’t Do: Eyebrow Pencils

By Glinda

One of the bigger trends coming out of the runways for spring is that of the strong eyebrow.  As I was putting together the Icon posts for Elizabeth Taylor and Sohpia Loren, I couldn’t help but notice and admire their wonderful dark eyebrows.  I think a strong brow brings out your eyes much more than thin ones.

Maybe I’m just blind or in denial, but I have never used an eyebrow pencil, and I like to think that I have fairly strong brows without them.

Not counting, of course, that time in the early 90’s when I almost plucked them into oblivion.  Thank you, hearty Italian hair-growing genes!

I suppose almost anyone could use an eyebrow pencil to further shape and define their brows, but for the most part, I’m pretty happy with just tweezing mine and letting them be in their au naturel state.

Now that I’m writing about it, though, I almost feel like going to Target and getting a cheapie one just to see what I would look like.

Hmmm, you may be hearing from me soon about that.

And if you are a big fan of eyebrows, then don’t go here!  Some of those pics are just downright freaky.

Have a great weekend!

6 Responses to “Things I Don’t Do: Eyebrow Pencils”

  1. Klee Says:

    I don’t have much natural eyebrows, and what is there is mostly blonde. So doing my brows is a must everyday. I don’t recommend the pencil for blonde, it’s too dark. Chanel makes an awesome eyebrow duo for blondes, a powder and a setting wax with two little brushes to apply. It is pricey, but I’ve had one for 4 years now and it is not near done. Perfect color, not too dark.
    Speaking of Chanel, have you tried their Illusions d’Ombre colors yet? Amazing. Goes on like a cream, finishes like a powder. I got the black as a liner, but it blends so well, it goes from a light silver to pitch black with shimmer, depending of the blending. I just got back from zumba, and it didn’t budge.
    Sorry to sound like an advert, I just its a cool product. I don’t like chanel for everything, but their eye stuff is almost always amazing.

  2. SarahDances Says:

    Yes, another blonde who uses eyeshadow (Stila Puppy) on my brows! Just to give them a little better shape and definition, especially at the ends where they start disappearing. It seems such a small thing, but I find it makes a huge difference in how polished I look.

  3. lali Says:

    Since we are talking eyebrows — Help! Just like the hair on my head, my eyebrows have also started going white. While I don’t mind that my hair color is changing, I do mind my eyebrows — from the distance my dark brows look patchy, as if I had bald spots! I’ve tried eyebrow pencil, but that does not seem to do the trick — the white hairs still stick out. Mascara comes on too thick and I look like something from a horror film. If I pluck them out, I will end up with REAL bald patches. I was thinking of dying with hair dye but everything I read says that this is too dangerous to try. Any ideas?

  4. SarahDances Says:

    Lali – have you tried the mascara-type stuff that’s specifically designed to go on your brows? Another alternative is the powder and wax brow sets for sale out there, like what Klee described. It helps the powder stick to the brows, and you can do powder and wax in different proportions to get the effect you want.

    As for using hair dye on your eyebrows, I missed the memo that you should avoid it at home! When I went red, briefly, I dyed my brows myself using the gentlest stuff I could find, and never had a problem.

    Heyyy, I just had a thought! What about using something like that Just for Men business, which is specifically designed to cover gray/white hair on the face? Despite the name, I see no reason a lady couldn’t use it, and it’s actually meant to be used on the face!

  5. Thea Says:

    @lali, many salons who do facials will also do brow shaping and tinting if you are nervous about doing it yourself. They use vegetable based dyes that are not as stinky or harsh as hair dye and can apply very delicately with a small brush to the entire arch. Then you can just use brow mascara or power inbetween tintings as suggested by others.

    I get it done about ever 6-8 weeks and I have very pale brows with some white coming in

  6. lali Says:


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