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Things I Don’t Do: Nail Polish on My Hands

By Glinda

I simply don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with color on my hands.

I have a toddler, and I think I rival a doctor for the amount of times a day I wash my hands. The wear and tear on my nails and skin is pretty intense, and I have a hard enough time keeping my hands hydrated, much less making sure a manicure looked perfect. I would have to do the whole base coat/top coat thing, and most days I feel lucky I got to take a shower, much less futz around with ten nails and color that is guaranteed to wear off.

Because if there is one thing I hate, and I know it was trendy for a while, it’s chipped color on my nails. Sadly, that trend is no longer. Although supposedly this is a new polish trend, one that I could definitely get behind. Chipped color drives me nuts, and when it happens, I can’t stop looking at it. Not being able to fix it immediately would trigger an OCD reaction, and it would just be more trouble than it was worth.

I’ve never even had a professional manicure, for goodness sakes. I think I am one of the few left in North America. I have the feeling I belong in a museum or something. My placard would read “Manicurus Avoidus, somehow managed to never visit a nail salon in her life, despite there being one on practically every corner in 21st Century America.”

But color on my toes?

Different story entirely.

Maybe because my feet are farther away and I can’t see the chips as well?

Hmmm, interesting…

7 Responses to “Things I Don’t Do: Nail Polish on My Hands”

  1. SarahDances Says:

    I’m the exact same way. I never paint my fingernails because the chipping drives me insane, as does that dry, icky feeling when you remove the polish, inducing you to paint them and start the whole maddening process all over again! I had acrylic nails for about a year, but the bi-weekly maintenence was too much of a pain. Now, I go bare.

    But my toes are always painted, and usually some ridiculous color (right now, metallic kelly green!). Even being harder on my feet than the average person, what with the dancing and all, the color seldom chips, and I can usually get by for a few weeks until it starts to grow out at the bottom.

  2. Chicklet Says:

    I’m the same way — polish on my fingernails chips within three seconds; polish on my toenails lasts for weeks. So I paint my toenails and lightly buff my fingernails and just keep on going.

  3. Ellen W. Says:

    I wish I could paint my nails- but I’m allergic. I just stare at all the beautiful colors and sigh. Of course if I *could* wear nail polish I’d never wear anything other than the sheerest lightest peachy-pink because I’m just not made for bold cosmetic statements. But I can dream…

    Would an inexpensive lip stain maybe work? Has anyone tried this?

  4. Klee Says:

    As a chef, I too wash my hands a hundred times a day, so no polish. However, a good buffing gives them a sheen that looks, well, polished. Twice a month I get a man’s manicure, cleaning up the cuticles and making them look good. Toes, however, are brightly colored. Nothing like a pedicure and a bright color to make the day!

  5. Nora Charles Says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! While I love nail polish on my toes (my gorgeous husband does those) – I can’t go a few hours without polish on my fingernails chipping. I don’t know how it happens. I can’t even blame a toddler!

    The most I do is a home manicure and use a buffer to give my nails a shine. At a distance they look french polished and that’s good enough for me.

  6. JayGee Says:

    Can’t believe no one has suggested either Gelish or Shellac yet. I am an HIV tester and hand washing is a must. I LOVE having a nice manicure, but the polish chips were more than I could handle. Then a friend turned me on to Gelish, and I haven’t looked back.

    It applies like a polish, but lasts for like two freakin’ weeks WITHOUT A CHIP! Seriously, not a one! Yes, you have to have it done in a salon (and have it removed in a salon) but its so worth it to have a really nice looking manicure for two maintenance free weeks.

    I’ve had both Shellac and Gelish, and I like the Gelish better. There are more colors to choose from and the Gelish is, in most salons, cheaper than the Shellac…about $13 for a polish change at my local salon vs. upwards of $35-40 for Shellac. And the Gelish lasts longer, too.

    If you ever want to treat yourself to a manicure, find a salon that does Gelish. You won’t be disappointed!

  7. mwebi Says:

    The new Sally Hansen strips aren’t so bad either, I think it’s about $10 a set and you get more than enough. I am a frequent hand-washer and a paper pusher so regular paint jobs only last a few days on me. I put some on with a good topcoat and they lasted two weeks, including at least 6 hours of weeding in the garden, dish washing, etc., etc., etc. Although I did have to file the edges down once in a while, it wasn’t major peeling off, just some wear. I was very impressed.

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