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Things I Love: Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup

By Glinda

I take this makeup so much for granted that it took me this long to post about it. 

I have used foundation for forever, since as a teen I was acne-prone.  Actually, since I played sports it was probably a bad idea to wear foundation while playing/practicing, but it was one of those escalating situations where the more I wore, the more I needed to wear it to cover everything up. 

Yeah, I never said I was a particularly bright teenager.

If only the Bare Escentuals line had been around back then!

I love everything about this stuff.  I love how it blends flawlessly, how effortlessly matte it makes my skin look, its staying power, the SPF, the fact that under my eyes I no longer look like this. Or possibly worse, this, from overcompensation.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to find liquid foundation and undereye concealer that matched perfectly. The only one that came close was Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation, but it was pricey and once I tried the mineral makeup, I never bought it again.  I’ve been wearing Bare Escentuals now for about five years, and you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands before I stop using it.  This is despite the fact that now that I am getting older, all the advice tells me I should be switching to a liquid foundation.  Bah! Never again, says crone-Glinda!

I find that people come in basically two camps about Bare Escentuals. 

Either they love it passionately, or they hate it with the fire of a thousand suns.

Are you a convert?

15 Responses to “Things I Love: Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup”

  1. Carol Says:

    I do not use Bare Escentuals, but do use another brand of mineral powder makeup. I will never go back to liquid or cream. It blends easily, matches skin tone without much effort, you can never use too much. My skin has cleared up and I have had no breakouts since starting to use mineral powder. Plus you can take it on an airplane and look all fresh and lovely when you get where you’re going!

  2. SarahDances Says:

    I have extremely dry skin, and although I love bare minerals for blemish covering, since it hides without exacerbating the problem, my go-to foundation is Chanel’s vita lumiere. Powder foundation inevitably goes cakey on me, and the vita lumiere is super mousturizing, with just enough coverage to make me look like I have naturally flawless skin.

    I will, however, sing the praises of bare minerals’ mineral veil, which I use as my setting powder on top of everything. It’s divine!

  3. Linda Mercury Says:

    I love how it feels like I’m not wearing any makeup. It is so lightweight and flattering. With this product, I only break out if I haven’t washed my brushes in a while, instead of whenever I wear it.

  4. lazydaisydays Says:

    I wanted very much to love Bare Escentuals. I hate hate hate foundation, but I have blotchy and acne-prone skin and was really excited about the idea of mineral makeup….so I went out and got the “starter kit” and got a whole lesson about it at Sephora, with plans to use for my wedding. Loved the way it looked and felt….until about an hour later, when my whole face started to itch. Not just a little bit, but a scratch-your-face-off, oh-god-make-it-stop burning itch. I was so desperate to like this stuff that I tried this experiment about three more times, with the same result. Can’t. Wear. It.

    They tout it as suitable for all skin types and totally non-allergenic, but apparently there’s a subset of people who are very sensitive to some ingredient….a few websites I checked identified the culprit as Bismuth Oxychloride, and noted the same god-awful itching/burning. Who knows, I’m not a chemist, but DANG. (And I did show the label to a friend of mine who IS a chemist, and she was actually rather alarmed at what’s in there….not that I needed any other reasons not to use it anymore, but still….)

    More power to all of you that can use this stuff, but I have to stick to my Aveeno tinted moisturizer. :)

  5. wildflower Says:

    I’ve used Aveda’s “Inner Light” and Origins’ “All and Nothing” and liked them both. The Aveda smells faintly of lavender, which I like, espectially knowing it’s a tree-hugger company, so it’s probably natural lavender oil. But it’s ever-so-slightly sparkly, so the Origins wins!

  6. Toyouke Says:

    I’ve tried Bare Escentuals before, but I didn’t really see any benefit over regular foundation/powder. Is it something you need someone to show you how to do? I don’t wear makeup a lot, and it’s entirely possible I was doing it wrong. Is there a trick? Should I have someone at the store show me what to do?

  7. RHCD Says:

    I’m one who cannot wear BE. It feels like I’m wearing fibreglass on my skin.

    Instead I use for base, eyes and setting powder. It’s awesome with the primer from a few weeks ago. I’m (hormanal/food acne prone so I do have to be careful when I’m in an scaby/dry bout but for honestly for how long it lasts my budget is stupidly low (I’m now learning lipsticks so my budget has gone up thanks to this blog). I have to wear makeup everyday for work (wohoo corporate job!) and honestly I love, love, love it.

    So question about mineral makeups – how often should I change them out? I don’t dab in the well instead I use the cap but most makeup guides don’t really address this.

  8. Mallory Says:

    Love it! Been using it for almost four years and it has NEVER given me problems. I love the fact that the foundation and mineral veil both have SPF in them, so I’m protecting my skin every day without even thinking about it. I have heard from several sources about the issues with Bismuth, but other than that I haven’t. It might be less effective for those with dry skin, but for me (who has combination-y skin) I always moisturize before I apply my makeup. I just let it absorb while I dress or do my hair, swirl on some Bare Minerals, and I’m ready to go.

  9. Jo Says:

    I feel really odd, but I simply don’t wear foundation. Not on a regular, daily basis anyway. My skin is pretty reasonable, I just cover the odd blemish with a cover stick, and use a roll on liquid for under eye shadows, and that’s it. Maybe I’m just too lazy :)

  10. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I’m another lazy one, Jo. I usually just use the Olay tinted moisturizer, and then maybe a bit of powder on my t-zone to take away any shiny bits. I’ve heard good things about BE, especially from people who normally hate foundation. Maybe at some point, when I have time to actually put on makeup, I’ll give it a try.

  11. Jelly Says:

    Okay now… I’m pretty new to the make-up block, and relatively uninformed.

    This powder foundation: I can use it with my oily skin? It won’t cake-up on my face at 2 p.m. like my foundation/powder process that I’ve given up on?

    Also, how does one get a tinted moisturizer (I’ve found Cetaphil works well for me) tinted to their skin colour?

    Un-wise in the Ways,

  12. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Jelly, you can get pre-made tinted moisturizers — they’re so sheer, that you can usually just select fair, medium or dark, and it’ll work. But, if you like Cetaphil, then you can just mix a dab of it in the palm of your hand with a dab of your usual foundation, and presto! Tinted moisturizer.

  13. Margo Says:

    I know the common wisdom s that you should use liquid foundation when you reach a Certain Age, but I’m 53 and I find mineral makeup works far better for me. If you’ve got a good kabuki brush, you can get a much finer finish than you do with liquid, which cakes.

    I have the bismuth problem and I use Everyday Minerals. I especially like their sample kits–you can get five different foundation shades for the price of shipping, and each one is enough for 2-3 applications.

  14. aurumgirl Says:

    I’d love to know why they put bismuth in so many cosmetics (okay, I googled it, now I know–it’s a colorant, white-hued silver with a slight pink tinge, therefore flattering to white skin tones. It has actually replaced the traditional arsenic and antimony in cosmetics, which were used for the same reasons). It’s not exactly a nice mineral (it’s a heavy metal after all) but to me it seems to be everywhere.

    Then again, it’s also used in pharmaceuticals (Pepto Bismol, eg) and in medical procedures. Well, so were lead and mercury (heck, mercury is still almost universally used in dentistry and it is always present in vaccines, either in elemental form or in its derivative, thimerosol).

    The FDA says it has a low level of toxicity–so anyone who reacts to it isn’t really “allergic”, but just having the expected reaction to it as a toxin. “Low level” must be an interesting classification, given the widespread use of so many poisons that are FDA approved.

    Surely there must be a mineral cosmetic formulation that doesn’t contain these elements?

  15. Linn Says:

    Like LazyDaisyDays, my skin reacts violently to Bare Escentuals: burning, itching, and then furiously red blotches that take too long to settle down. And like her, I had spent on the entire kit, thinking Aha, Sweet Mystery of Life, At Last I Have Found You… The whole quest for foundation that works is pretty depressing…

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