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Things I Love: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

By Glinda

What can I say, I’m a bar-soap in the shower kind of gal.

Even with all the bajillions of liquid soap options out there for me, I prefer a to use a bar, period.  Based on the bar soap to liquid soap ratio I see on store shelves, I’m a dying breed.

Up until very recently, I’ve used whatever bar soap they carried at Costco, mostly some version of Dove.

But unlike years past, my skin would be dry and flaky (oh the joys of getting older) and I just didn’t feel totally clean.  I always felt like there was some sort of residue on me, and don’t tell me to use the liquid soaps, because those are even worse.

Enter Dr. Bronner’s.

This soap, it changed my life.

Full disclosure, I am an unpaid products tester for a PR firm that deals with all-natural products.  Well, I get paid in products, but not cash.  One day I was sent a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap in its liquid form.  I used it because even though I dislike liquid soap, the agreement was that I try it out and rate it.  And try it out, I did.

Religious and other rantings on the label aside, I am inloooove

You are skeptical.  I can sense it.  In love with a soap, eh Glinda?

I have never used a liquid soap that smelled so wonderful and produced so much lather.  Nor made me feel almost obscenely clean.  And despite my recent Dove habit, I’ve used some pretty expensive soaps in my time. Warning, though, if you use the Peppermint on your private areas, it will make them tingle.  And not necessarily in a good way.  Not in an “oh-god-shoot-me-now” way but more like a “damn-I-need-to-rinse-this-stuff-off-ASAP” kind of way.  Once it is off,  though, its off and there are no ill after-effects.

So after trying the liquid, I found out the soap also comes in bars. The heavens opened up and the angels trumpeted and smiled indulgently as me as I eagerly bought the almond version.   I adore almond scent and nobody makes anything with an almond scent any more.  At least, not that I can easily find.

The aromatherapy aspect is reduced with the bar soap, but it is every bit as effective. You can use it to shave, and I assure you it is just as good if not better than using a product like Skintimates or something similar.  You can use it on your face in a pinch as well, although I wouldn’t personally recommend it for every day.  It comes in many scents, including lavender and citrus and one especially for babies, which I am so totally going to buy for my toddler once I use up the California Baby stuff I’m currently on. Oh yeah, and you can wash your floors and veggies with it too. 

Now, let me get a little TMI with you.  If you don’t want to read anything vaguely TMI, skip the next sentence or two.  I have always been self-conscious about my lady-bits and any smells that emanate from that area.   It seemed that no matter how much I cleansed, some kind of smell would eventually arrive.  Can I tell you that this soap has stopped that IN ITS TRACKS.  My lady garden now smells like NOTHING.  It is amazing.  I cannot promise that it will do for you what it did for me, but I swear I will never stop using this soap. 

And my veggies have never smelled better, either.

5 Responses to “Things I Love: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap”

  1. Chicklet Says:

    I don’t have any experience with Dr. Bronner’s, but I wanted to tell you that The Body Shop sells an almond body butter, if you’re still looking for almond-scented products.

  2. Klee Says:

    Love, love, love Dr Bronners liquid soap, particularly peppermint. It can, and should, be diluted-I dilute by 2/3 (1 bottle makes three) and use it for everything- cleaning the floors makes your whole house smell great, wash the dogs, clean counters, use it as hand soap. A miracle product. And I have to pay for it!

  3. Pam Says:

    I like Dr. Bonner’s as well…the liquid is good to clean just about everything! If you like a good strong-scented almond bar soap, PLEASE try Yardley’s Oatmeal and Almond. It is wonderful. I got mine at Walgreen’s (3 bars for $2.00). I like it so much I put bars in my closets, drawers, everywhere and it leaves your bathroom smelling devine.

  4. amoly10 Says:

    I use Dr. Bronners liquid soap; I love the lavender scented soap. I not only bathe with it I also use the soap to wash my hair; it’s fabulous. Also my mother is just coming out of chemo and this is the only soap that doesn’t irritate her skin nor does the scent make her sick. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!

  5. Phyllis Says:

    Liquid unscented D. Bronner’s great for washing tender things like veggies and babies!

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