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Things I Love: Guerlain’s KissKiss Gloss*

By Glinda

My love for lipstick is well known, but in the past, I have tended to avoid lip gloss at all cost.  My thoughts on gloss are that it usually feels sticky and it goes away much too fast to make it worth buying over lipstick.

Well, Guerlain’s KissKiss Gloss has sort of changed that.  There was a Guerlain makeup artist at Sephora the day I went, and he convinced me to give the Gloss a try after I proclaimed my adoration for their MaxiShine  lipstick.  I even allowed him to apply it to my lips, which took a lot for me because I can get a little germphobic.

To my great surprise, he wasn’t lying when he said that it would not feel sticky.  I felt not one iota of stickiness and it imparted a beautiful, iridescent sheen to my previously applied Dior lipstick.  It made me want to buy it, and like the woman with a makeup obsession I am, I did.  I purchased #868, which is Opal Pearl and described as a shimmering opalescent pink.

Looking back, is $30 too pricey for a lip gloss? Probably.  Even though it’s the best lip gloss I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, it’s still a lip gloss and it does wear off faster than any lipstick.

But I tell myself that since it was off a gift card, I wasn’t really wasting my own money.   


Uhhh, please tell me that rationalization isn’t a sign of addiction.

*Just so you know, all things I review on Things I Love were bought with my own funds.  If I were to receive a product for review, I would make it a point to let you know that I did not purchase it myself.

2 Responses to “Things I Love: Guerlain’s KissKiss Gloss*”

  1. Aurumgirl Says:

    Gift cards are a chance to splurge on something really special for yourself–something you’d probably talk yourself out of buying if you were trying to justify the purchase on your own budget or out of your own funds. They are meant to be used for treats.

    I don’t think that is a rationalization of an addiction. I just think that’s the way it is. $30 for a lip gloss is extreme, but I’ve been known to push people out of my way to get to the YSL mascara, which is never cheap at over $40 a pop. Even though it’s made by plain old L’Oreal. To me, it’s a rare indulgence in a luxury that I feel makes me look my best. That is worth far more than the price on the tag.

  2. Miss B Says:

    As someone who routinely wears Chanel foundation because it is the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin I can’t fault $30 for lip gloss.

    However, I also buy Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows because they actually are really nice and I love how pigmented they are.

    So, if it makes you feel good and you like how it wears, I say get it.

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