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Things I’m Not Sure About: At-Home Laser Hair Removal

By Glinda

One of the many flash sale sites I browse through had a discount on an at-home laser hair removal kit.

I briefly considered it, but thought three hundred bucks was too much for my budget.

But that also got the neurons in my brain firing (which these days is practically a miracle) about how much I already spend on hair removal products.

I get my razors/razor refills at Costco, my foam hair remover at the drugstore, and I use my Dr. Bronner’s soap as a lathering agent in the shower.  I have never spent money on the special lady-foams for shaving, so I don’t know if I could be dramatically altering my shaving experience if I did.

I also live in a pretty warm climate that has me shaving my legs far longer than most, so I figure I spend at least two hundred a year on the hair removal process.

Which, if the laser works for me, might actually be a pretty good investment.

Some initial research on my part reveals that my would-be laser of choice works best on light to medium skinned women with dark hair.  Also, it can be painful enough at higher settings that it requires over the counter pain relievers.


I consider my pain threshold to be fairly high, but I’m not sure if I could willingly subject myself to it in order to have less hair.

But, would it be worth it to hopefully keep a bunch of hair growing back for a very long time?

What say you all?

3 Responses to “Things I’m Not Sure About: At-Home Laser Hair Removal”

  1. SarahDances Says:

    The reviews look terrible. 75 out of 212 are one star? No thanks!

  2. Jen Says:

    We bought a Silk’n from Sephora and tried it. It helped some, but it certainly did not permanently rid us of hair.

  3. Jo Says:

    Have one from Boots here in the UK. It’s been pretty good – tedious to use (that’s some serious investment of time) but it has significantly reduced my leg hair and slowed down the regrowth. Overall…yeah, it’s worth it, bt not for everyone. Oh, I’e never needed painkillers, it stings but it’s vrey brief.

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