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To Swap or Not to Swap?

By Glinda

I promise that I had a post for today, but the server decided it was hungry and ate it.   So, let me try again.

Everyone has them.  Those beauty purchases that for whatever reason didn’t work out.  Perhaps you were having an off day.  Perhaps there was an extremely persuasive saleswoman on the floor that day, and she got you in a weak moment.  Whatever the reason, we’ve all got our rejects.  And even though most stores have generous return policies for cosmetics these days, sometimes we are too lazy to ship it back if we purchased over the internet, or we kept it longer than the return window. 

Some women, instead of relegating these items to a drawer, participate in swaps.   The best (and ostensibly, reputable) site for this is here. Some people give to relatives or friends.  I’ve even heard of makeup swap parties, which actually sound kind of fun.

I usually just give my stuff away, and if I happen to get something back, it’s a bonus. 

But I have to say the idea of swapping intrigues me.  And scares me a bit the same time.  I have no idea who the other person I’m swapping with is, and even though the product would be perfectly safe for me to use, I would probably be too paranoid to do so.  Apparently I need some faith in humanity, but it’s a slow process.

What about you?  Would you be willing to swap your unwanted products?  And would you be fine with swapping, say, translucent powder, but hesitant on something like lipstick?

Do tell!

6 Responses to “To Swap or Not to Swap?”

  1. Little Red Says:

    I’ve swapped on MUA over the past ten years. The key is to check out the other person’s feedback and make sure it’s not something that will squick you out. I wouldn’t think twice about swapping for perfume, nail polish, and other stuff like that.

  2. RB Says:

    I’m a regular on the nail polish board at MUA, but I’ve never swapped. I like the idea of it, but it seems like so much work…plus I’m afraid that I’ll miss the nail polishes that I give away. I don’t think I’ll ever be down with swapping products that go on the face, though.

  3. Klee Says:

    No swapping! At least not for eye stuff. Like Sharing, good concept, bad in reality. Your vision is not worth losing a couple of bucks for an eyeshadow. Buy from a good source, with a return policy.

  4. ZaftigWendy Says:

    I participated in a swap once and received some face cream that turned out to be infected. It gave me a terrible and painful rash on my face. Never again. If it’s been opened, I won’t use it.

  5. Thea Says:

    way back before AOL when dinosaurs walked the earth, I web swapped a bottle of Chanel (a gift and it smells bad on me) for a tube of my fav and recently discontinued lipstick. I was young and unaware of the health risks at the time, but I survived

  6. Emily Says:

    I was a regular swapper on MUA until recently. Like Little Red said, the feedback system makes it very easy to find someone reputable, and the “negotiation” of what to swap for is a good way to get a feel for whether the other person is a crazypants. MUA is also a pretty tight community that does a good job of watching out for its own.

    For used makeup in general, most stuff is actually pretty easy to disinfect, either with a swipe of alcohol or by removing the top layer of product. I wouldn’t accept used cream in a jar or wand lip gloss unless I knew the owner’s hygiene was up to my standards, but lipstick and eye shadow? Totally fine.

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