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Tuesday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

The Beauty Poll on a Tuesday? Why not? I don’t think I could bear to go two weeks in a row without running a new poll. 

Yes, I’m that nosy.

The last poll wanted to know if you would still buy products from a company who had an employee outburst that doesn’t jive with your personal belief system.  45% of you said it depended on how influential that employee was within the company, although I think it is safe to assume that the person is fairly high-profile.  I mean, I don’t see a newspaper interviewing the junior marketing guy very often.  Although Jezebella had an interesting distinction, commenting,  “More so than how influential the person is, I would consider what the company’s response was to the person’s bad behavior.” Excellent point. 37% of you stated you would no longer buy from the company, and 16% said they would still buy the product.

I asked the poll question in direct response to something the lovely Queen of Sheba pointed out to me after I posted about Guerlain lipstick, which is what I linked to in the original poll post.  I was disgusted by what Mr. Guerlain had stated in his interview, but that didn’t stop me from buying Guerlain products.  As discussed in the comments section, Guerlain is no longer a family-run business and is run by mega-corp LVMH.  I consider the Guerlains to be no longer associated with the company, and thus, reasoned that I wasn’t acting against my principles by buying their product.  Or, maybe I’m just fooling myself. 

As for today, I’m going to lean toward a more light-hearted subject.  I got so many interesting responses on my anti-waxing post, that I felt I needed to hear from all of you about the very important subject of how you personally choose to tend your lady-garden.  Yes, yes, it is definitely veering into TMI, but what is a little TMI amongst friends?  And besides, this is the internets!  Nobody will know how you voted! I get zero data on the votes, just the total.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Beauty Poll”

  1. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    With a toddler, I’m doing really well if I can keep my roots touched up, my upper lip waxed, and my armpits shaved. Any other ladyscaping…well, if it happens, it happens. But I’ve got too many other things to do with my time to make a commitment towards it.

  2. alli the aligator Says:

    Thank you for posting this! As a girl in her twenties who hasn’t found the best way of dealing with the more…delicate… nature of agriculture, would you perhaps post more about the pros and cons of each method. I am filled with aggravation and confusion trying to find the best method out there for my lifestyle. Please help!

  3. Jen Says:

    I actually fall between classically-trimmed Italian formal garden and front-walk English wildflower patch bursting with roses, lavender, etc. Sometimes I am more meticulous than other times. Is this too much?

  4. Whitney Says:

    While I understand the need and desire to have one’s carpet match one’s drapes, there are those of us who prefer to avoid the problem entirely with hardwood floors.

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