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Tuesday Beauty Poll

By Glinda

Forget Jane Fonda, last week I wanted to know how you felt about plastic surgery for yourself.   23% of you are all for it, 14% are totally against it, 41% say it isn’t for them but they aren’t the plastic surgery police, and a crafty 19% refused to paint yourself into a corner.  Personally, I don’t feel like plastic surgery would be something I would do.  But who knows? Maybe thirty years from now it will be like getting dental work done, everybody does it.

Today I want to know what types of beauty products you buy.  I will readily admit to being a complete and utter beauty snob.  I like high-end brands and I’m willing to forgo something until I can afford exactly what I want (see: this).  Now, I’m not proud of this, it is actually probably pretty silly of me to count out many of the drugstore brands.  Maybe I could use an intervention.  What about you?

11 Responses to “Tuesday Beauty Poll”

  1. Gamma Says:

    I am a beauty snob–somehow the products don’t seem to be as great in drugstore packaging. On the other hand, I’m cultivating my inner frugalista, so I’m determined to give Walgreens one more chance. As soon as I’ve used up my $75 in Sephora gift cards, and all the upscale product samples.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    I’m a snob. There mere fact that you can TRY high end brands at the counter or get samples is a huge factor in whether I’ll decide to buy it. I see lots of pretty shades in the drug store but don’t want to take the risk of it looking horrible at home.

  3. Klee Says:

    I mix it. Drugstore brands have gotten very upscale in recent years, lip stuff especially. Foundation and eye shadow, however, are almost always high end.

  4. The Jananator Says:

    Whatever works works, that’s my take!

  5. wildflower Says:

    I tend to go cheap but can definitely see Lorraine’s point about being able to try before buying! If you end up buying a lot of stuff you don’t use, that wastes money, too.

    I guess I buy more cheap drugstore stuff for rare occasions, because all I care about is the color or effect. Things I wear more regularly (powder and especially lipstick, since we probably end up consuming quite a bit!) I try to get the ‘natural’ brands (Origins, Aveda, etc.). I’m not sure that there really is a difference in healthfulness, since Lord knows, when you read an Origins ingredient list, there’s a lot of stuff I can’t spell or pronounce, either, but at least they make a go of being more healthful.

    I have to confess I’ve never even tried one of those super-upscale brands, like your Guerlain. One day I’ll splurge, and I will. :)

  6. Lindsey Says:

    I have products at both ends of the spectrum, and agree whatever works. But I try to stay away from really heinous chemicals, which usually leaves out the cheapest products.

  7. wildflower Says:

    Lindsey, would you mind telling us which are “really heinous chemicals” you avoid? I think it’d be worth scribbling them down and keeping them in my purse. Thanks!

  8. wildflower Says:

    I mean, I mean, keeping THE LIST in my purse, not the chemicals, LOL. :)

  9. aurumgirl Says:

    I shop for makeup everywhere, so I have high and low end stuff. If I’m buying make-up for a special occasion it is usually higher end, and beautifully packaged. I’m not sure why I’m a stickler about this, but I am; I want it to look very pretty if I have to pull it out to do a touch-up, and it always feels “dressier”.

    I do care about where the product is made, what’s in the product, and how it performs. If I’m not on the lookout for good packaging, I find the performance and quality really can’t be guessed from price alone, there’s great stuff out there at all price levels (just as there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t perform at all price levels). As for products like foundation, where you really shouldn’t be too frugal, I always try it on before buying it. It has to look like smooth, good skin when it’s on and the colour has to be as close as possible to my own or it’s not coming home with me. All the drugstores around here let you sample all their products (and many carry lines that compete with Sephora and department stores, too) so there’s no reason to go home with a product you haven’t tried on anymore.

  10. Gamma Says:

    Several of the national drug chains have great return policies on cosmetics, so the mistake factor isless of an issue. If you’re tempted, check out your fav drugstore beauty counter & ask.

  11. Whitney Says:

    A perfect nail color shade is a perfect nail color shade, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Clarins or Sinful Colors; I’m the same way with lip shades. For eye products I have to move mostly to the higher end, because my eyes (I wear hard contacts) are incredibly sensitive to whatever gets into them – though for some reason Maybelline Big Lash has begun working better for me than my favorite Lancome.

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